Newaukeean of the Week

  • Tiffany Fontaine

    Tiffany Fontaine

    A city lover who's created a high intensity performance program for "fierce women."

  • Jeff Duport

    Jeff Duport

    Newcomer Jeff Duport, manager of Mikey’s restaurant (811 N. Jefferson) has a simple wish: wire the city.

  • Linda Schenkelberg

    Linda Schenkelberg

    The owner of a fitness facility, Schenkelberg loves all the lakes in the area for boating.

  • Jeffrey Ferchoff

    Jeffrey Ferchoff Feature

    Jeffrey Ferchoff owns World of Beer on Brady St. and loves Beer City.

  • Shay Linkus

    Shay Linkus Feature

    The Chef de Cuisine at Odd Duck says Milwaukee's restaurants have much friendlier relationships than in other cities.

  • Mohammad Shah

    Mohammad Shah

    I would like to see Milwaukee build our downtown back to how strong it once was.

  • Mike Brumm

    Mike Brumm Feature

    A musician who performs solo and with two bands, and who loves his inner city neighborhood.

  • Grace Fuhr

    Grace Fuhr

    It's a wonderful town, the Historic Milwaukee program manager says, and not just because there are no cows.

  • Stacy Klotka

    Stacy Klotka Feature

    A marathon runner and trained chemist says Milwaukee's vast manufacturing sector makes work fun.

  • Romke de Haan

    Romke de Haan Feature

    A deejay and design agency president, this city native is a fully immersed member of the creative class.

  • Keith Hayes

    Keith Hayes

    He moved here for a girl. Now he's leading a campaign to create an artistically rendered trail through Riverwest.

  • Zachary Harper

    Zachary Harper Feature

    Meet a truly unique student at UW-Milwaukee.