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    Summer Reading Picks

    What better way to spend a balmy afternoon than curled up with a good book? Check back all week as TCD staff and contributors share their picks for great summer reading.

  • Dem Bones Fairytale

    Saga of Slotz Supreme, pt. 1

    Neither apple, orange, peach nor pear; the Slotz somewhat resembled a bowling pin, only smaller. But truth tell, they made The Valley famous.

  • Reading for Audiophiles

    The Alternative Hero

    Down on his luck, music obsessive Clive Beresford aims to meet his rock idol and get his life on track.

  • Book review

    Cassette from my Ex

    If you’re looking for a way to travel down a musical memory lane, you can’t go wrong with Cassette from my Ex.

  • The Maid and the Straw

    a Dem Bones fairytale

    Maybe it wasn’t such a good deal to be inside of Domesville, but it was too late to turn and run.

  • Book Review

    Cook Food-a Manualfesto

    Lisa Jervis' "Cook Food: A Manualfesto for Easy, Healthy, Local Eating" is the perfect primer for both budding foodies and experienced gourmands alike.

  • A Dem Bones Fairytale

    The Baker and the Mixer

    The truth behind this floury tale may never be known. Except to the Cruller clan, and they’re not talking…

  • A Dem Bones Fairytale

    The water tower

    When Lorene leapt into space, few guessed it was her final fling…

  • A Dem Bones Fairytale

    The girl who trod on a meatloaf

    Learn from Esmeralda, why don't you. Had you minded your manners and not dishonored the meatloaf, you’d still be up there among the living.

  • A Dem Bones Fairytale

    A date to die for

    Another Saturday night in Nodaway Valley as Doris plans an evening Rod will never forget.

  • Made in the USA … by you

    Craft represents choice, creative freedom and a push toward economic independence