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Q&A: Gemma Tarlach, author of “Plaguewalker”

Gemma Tarlach, author of “Plaguewalker”

Just in time for Halloween, author Gemma Tarlach celebrates the release of "Plaguewalker" with readings at Boswell and the Wauwatosa Public Library this week.

Preview: Author Alexandra Fuller to visit Boswell

Author Alexandra Fuller to visit Boswell

Alexandra Fuller, author of "Cocktail Hour Under the Tree of Forgetfulness," will be interviewed by Lake Effect's Mitch Teich at Boswell on Tuesday, July 10.

Know Milwaukee: Brady Street a perennial favorite
Know Milwaukee

Brady Street a perennial favorite

Hard work and dedication has generated a full-scale revival that has the Brady Street community back on top and better than ever.

Still Waters Slam League Finals: “You can’t hold poets back!”
Still Waters Slam League Finals

“You can’t hold poets back!”

Young poets competed for first prize at Still Waters Collective's Slam League Finals, but the night's biggest prize was bigger than a trophy.

Book review: Leslie Simon’s “Geek Girls Unite”
Book review

Leslie Simon’s “Geek Girls Unite”

Leslie Simon's "Geek Girls Unite" aims to shatter the "Boys Club" of geekdom, but gets too divisive for it's own good.

The Big Read: Celebrating “To Kill A Mockingbird”
The Big Read

Celebrating “To Kill A Mockingbird”

As part of The Big Read, author and filmmaker Mary McDonagh Murphy visits Boswell Books and the Milwaukee Rep for an in-depth look at the American classic.

Book Review: “Hidden History of Detroit”
Book Review

“Hidden History of Detroit”

"Hidden History of Detroit" brings alive the early days of Detroit, a time full of political rivalries, labor upheaval, and characters of all kinds.

Big changes in store for East Library

Big changes in store for East Library

Milwaukee's East Library on North Avenue will be demolished and rebuilt as a mixed-use building that will include retail, apartments and parking.

The Ultimate “Do-It-Yourself-er”: Deborah Niemann visits Milwaukee
The Ultimate “Do-It-Yourself-er”

Deborah Niemann visits Milwaukee

The author of "Homegrown and Handmade: A Practical Guide to More Self-Reliant Living" discussed ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle at Boswell Books.

Preview: Literary double feature with Stuart Nadler and Chad Harbach

Literary double feature with Stuart Nadler and Chad Harbach

New books from Stuart Nadler and Racine's own Chad Harbach have garnered rave reviews, and both authors will be visiting Boswell Book Company on Thursday, Oct. 20

Cleopatra: the Myth, the Reality; Author Stacy Schiff visits

the Myth, the Reality; Author Stacy Schiff visits

Stacy Schiff's "Cleopatra: A Life" provides the basis for the new exhibit at the Milwaukee Public Museum. Tuesday, she spoke at the Milwaukee Public Library.

MFF Review: “El Bulli – Cooking in Progress”
MFF Review

“El Bulli – Cooking in Progress”

German filmmaker Gereon Wetzel follows the staff of Spanish restaurant El Bulli as chefs experiment with a bold and inventive new menu.

Good Read: Savvy Auntie
Good Read

Savvy Auntie

Melanie Notkin's book is a delightful guide for aunts everywhere, with fun tips for spoiling special nieces and nephews (and not to mention aunties themselves!)

Retro Read: Are you there God? It’s Me, Margaret
Retro Read

Are you there God? It’s Me, Margaret

Just in time for summer, "Retro Reads" revisits our favorite books from the past - the ones worth reading again. And again.

Unconventional pin-ups: Amy Misurelli Sorensen at Luckystar
Unconventional pin-ups

Amy Misurelli Sorensen at Luckystar

These aren't your grandad's pin-ups. Misurelli-Sorensen's provocative drawings turn sexuality on its head, messing with ideas of femininity, gender and power.

Good Read: Every Little Thing
Good Read

Every Little Thing

"Every Little Thing" wasn't written to transform your life. It’s here to entertain, and it achieves just that.

Book Review: Talking to Girls About Duran Duran
Book Review

Talking to Girls About Duran Duran

80s pop provides the backdrop as author and music journalist Rob Sheffield navigates his own awkward adolescence, and later the rough terrain of adulthood.

Craft Corps: Inspiration for DIY gifting
Craft Corps

Inspiration for DIY gifting

Just in time for the holidays! Needle work diva Vickie Howell's "Craft Corps" is a great read for seasoned crafters and fair weather DIY enthusiasts alike.

Atlas of the Human Heart: The Anti Eat, Pray, Love
Atlas of the Human Heart

The Anti Eat, Pray, Love

The tale of one teenage runaway who panhandles, grifts and smuggles her way around the world -- and who lived to write about it.

MFF’10 review: Kings of Pastry
MFF’10 review

Kings of Pastry

Every four years, there is a competition that requires incredible skill. It's not the Olympics.This is the MOF, where the world's best pastry chefs are created.

The Art of Eating In

The Art of Eating In

Cathy Erway's book about a two-year experiment to abstain from take-out is like a fast-food meal -- you feel stuffed, but not satisfied.

Good Read: The Vinyl Princess
Good Read

The Vinyl Princess

Yvonne Prinz's young adult novel highlights a female protagonist that needs more representation in pop culture: one that is smart, relatable and interesting.

Clean Read: Making your own soaps
Clean Read

Making your own soaps

Lauren Cox's informational book "Ecobeauty" is a DIY guide to creating luxurious bath and body products at home.

Reading for Audiophiles: The Alternative Hero
Reading for Audiophiles

The Alternative Hero

Down on his luck, music obsessive Clive Beresford aims to meet his rock idol and get his life on track.

Good read: Saving Sailing
Good read

Saving Sailing

Milwaukee writer Nicholas Hayes ponders sailing's decline and how to save it.

Book review: Cassette from my Ex
Book review

Cassette from my Ex

If you’re looking for a way to travel down a musical memory lane, you can’t go wrong with Cassette from my Ex.

Book Review: Cook Food-a Manualfesto
Book Review

Cook Food-a Manualfesto

Lisa Jervis' "Cook Food: A Manualfesto for Easy, Healthy, Local Eating" is the perfect primer for both budding foodies and experienced gourmands alike.