Stripwax: Trophy Wives + True Blood = Ofcourseandwhynot?

Trophy Wives + True Blood = Ofcourseandwhynot?

Trophy Wives sound like the rumble of 100 motorcycles, and Jeff is of the mind that their brand of ballsy ruckus will fit right in with the werewolf pack on "True Blood"

Stripwax: Victory and Associates, track by track

Victory and Associates, track by track

Jeff heads out to L.A. to talk up Victory And Associates shiny new LP "These Things Are Facts" with two of his favorite little characters, Spike and Blondie.

Stripwax: Red River Delirium

Red River Delirium

Spooky, and somewhere between funeral jazz and Mexicali brass, Mr. Lewis & The Funeral 5's "Delirium Tremendous" is definitely worth your time, folks.

Stripwax: Simple Equations

Simple Equations

Austin based Boy+Kite's latest LP, "Go Fly" is simple, pleasant indie pop, with lovely vocals and production value so clean, it sparkles.

Stripwax: She Put A Spell On Me (And She’ll Put One On You)

She Put A Spell On Me (And She’ll Put One On You)

Imelda May's "Mayhem" has its fair share of great rockabilly moments, intertwined with lush country waltzes and vocals that will melt your heart. No lie.

Stripwax: Bob in Retirement

Bob in Retirement

Once Guided By Voices disbanded, you would think that frontman Robert Pollard might slow down a bit. And you would be wrong.

Stripwax: Teddybears – Fun/Not Fun

Teddybears – Fun/Not Fun

If you like what you hear on pop radio, you totally need "Devil’s Music," the latest LP from Teddybears. If you're NOT into radio-friendly pop, well...

Stripwax: Helms Alee Is A Wooly Beast

Helms Alee Is A Wooly Beast

The Seattle trio's latest LP shifts between sounds that conjure alternating images of rampaging wooly mammoths and nimble hummingbirds. And that's a good thing.

Stripwax: Getting Reatarded

Getting Reatarded

The Reatards tracks are an unfiiltered youthful human expression flinging itself at you, refusing to be ignored.

Stripwax: Low Expectations

Low Expectations

People often settle for mediocrity, which explains the hype over The Vaccines' LP, "What Did You Expect from The Vaccines?" - an apt title for an underwhelming record.

Stripwax: Flower Punk Party, Hey!

Flower Punk Party, Hey!

Do you like to mix juice with flavored rum while doing the twist? If the answer is yes, you'll like The Black Lips' swingin' new LP, "Arabia Mountain"

Stripwax: Man Man, now with 20% more heartbreak

Man Man, now with 20% more heartbreak

Alongside the usual Man Man zaniness, "Life Fantastic" boasts a few songs that smolder in quiet desperation like never before.