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  • Disney buys Marvel. Why?

    In a move that shocked the worlds of business and fans alike, Disney will soon own Marvel Entertainment. Why is Mickey Mouse getting claws?

  • Deep-Fried Romantic

    Innovations, Contrivances and Crazy Straws

    Nostalgia and future shock, as seen through everyday objects we buy and use. Includes a link to hundreds of drinking straw designs.

  • Deep-Fried Romantic

    Our State Fair is a great State Fair

    Pig races. Foods on sticks and deep-fried. Carnival rides. Beer. Was I going to write about anything else in this week's column?

  • Summer Travel Gallery

    Dousman Derby Days State Frog Jumping Contest

    The Summer Travel series continues with a brief stop to watch the 2009 Wisconsin State Frog Jumping Contest.

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    The Treehouse that Never Was

    It started out with a simple suggestion from my sister to Dad. So far it has resulted in family debate, referencing local law books, price checks at the lumber store and a spray-painted pine.

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    Hitting up the drive-in this summer

    There are still two or three great drive-in movie theaters to try out in Wisconsin, but this summer also find the loving low-culture return of the outdoor cinema party at three different Milwaukee locations. The 41 Twin is dead; long live the 41 Twin experience.

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    For your consideration, an ALDI flyer in June

    On the front cover, young white kids are blasting each other with water cannons attached to an 18-foot self-contained water slide. There is no sense of place like a backyard or street since the photo has been skillfully edited. The price? $199.99 each. Not bad, considering most above or in-ground pools run more than that. Four tickets to Noah's Ark in the Wisconsin Dells costs almost $150.00 (not counting transportation).

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    Bury Me Not …

    I want sloppy joes served at the wake. I'll allow a hymn at the service, but then I want Carl Stalling scores played. You can't prevent tears if people loved you (and I hope someone does), but play the music from a Tex Avery cartoon and force-feed them one of my mother's famous garlic dill pickles and the emotion will change.

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    The state of Lunch Counter and Diner Culture, 2009

    With the collapse of the Brady Street Café (formerly Pharmacy) and the late 2007 demise of Goldmann's on Mitchell Street, I've been wondering if diner culture is near collapse in Milwaukee. Are we in danger of losing our vital ability to communicate, empathize, and nourish without bankruptcy?

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    Dandelions and the Persistence of Life

    Quite suddenly last week, there were dandelions everywhere. It was as if we were paying attention to other trivial matters when the little yellow flowers just popped into existence. They covered open fields by the thousands and small patches on city boulevards. It was the official sign that spring is here in Wisconsin, and a […]

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    The EPIC FAIL of MySpace (and why Facebook is next)

    As users of "vote" for a bill of rights and the founders of MySpace starting turning a foot towards the door, some thoughts about how low-culture and not 'the nightclub' analogy is to blame for social networking sites downfalls

  • The Great Elvis Cake Experiment

    A little while ago, after a jaunt down State Street in Madison just to see if it was what I remembered from my youth (the answer: yes and no. Remember Brady Street ten years ago? Yeah. Close your eyes, think about it, then open them while standing outside Hi Hat. Same feeling), I drove over […]