Deep-fried Romantic

  • 7 Mile Fair is Dead. All Hail the New 7-Mile Fair!

    It began as a flea market founded by a farmer in 1961 on an acre of his own land near the Racine and Milwaukee border along the I-94 corridor. Some might think of 7 Mile Fair as stuck in time, essentially unchanged in the 20 years since they last shopped there, but today’s active consumers […]

  • Discover ThisTV, even if by accident

    It was a channel that remained in the ether and away from the ethos until many picked up a digital converter box. On Nov. 1, 2008, Time Warner Cable bumped a channel to make room for ThisTV (201 on cable and 58-3 on digital air in Milwaukee). Now audiences are discovering this quirky pre-programmed channel […]

  • Now in glorious 3-D!!!

    Before it ever became a fond figment of Americana (akin to drive-ins), 3D movies were an effective means of getting people in seats. Studios and distributors alike have a long history of using primal urges and emotional selling points to get your business, from the first sale of popcorn, Cinerama, and Smell-o-vision to today’s shilling […]

  • Deep-Fried Romantic

    $3 Wine Test-Drive

    There is no better placebo for depression and anxiety than to wander the aisles of a Wal-Mart or Target superstore. It is comforting on many levels: to know that in case of Armageddonic survival there is one place that has it all. To know that there is a product out there which should salve some need in your life. To know that someone is inventing new ways to contain or dispense a beloved product. To know that you can afford something beyond your means - even if it will only last a year before breaking.