• Milwaukee has chance as Google Broadband test city

    Google, Inc. has issued an appeal to government officials to nominate their communities for a test program to provide true high speed internet service.

  • Happy days are (sort of) here again

    Area business leaders see a slow, but real, recovery in 2010 and share strategies to in troubled times.

  • No need for media-fueled, inter-generational Cola Wars

    The idea of a 3-way workplace cage match makes for interesting punditry, but at the ground level it doesn't hold much water.

  • Street Food… Finally.

    Great cities have great street food.



    Mark Metcalf meets Jack Covert and Todd Sattersten, CEO and President, respectively, of 800-CEO-READ, a local company that sells business books and promotes great ideas. (We think THEY'RE a great idea!)

  • By The People, For The People?

    The eyes of the world are focused on Iran where the will of the people is struggling to be heard. Here in Milwaukee the people spoke in favor of a paid sick leave mandate. So what's the difference?

  • Fasten Closes Storefront; Sparrow Takes Flight

    On April 30, Fasten Collective closed the doors to its retail space in Bay View for good.  I’d heard murmurings here and there of the store closing, and like most people assumed that it was yet another beloved Milwaukee institution that sadly, fell victim to the economy. As it turns out, I was wrong. About […]

  • Does a down economy cause an increase in fraud?

    Two weeks ago the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners sent out a survey to members, attempting to determine whether a bad economy makes fraud rise. I’ve written about this topic before, and the truth is that there is no way for us to know. People suspect that a poor economy causes more fraud, but it’s absolutely [...]

  • In agreement sucks and Patrick Byrne is wacky

    I’ve written plenty here about perpetual money-loser (NASDAQ:OSTK) and its wacky CEO Patrick Byrne. Unfortunately, I’ve mostly lost interest in the topic. Why? It’s the same old, same old. continuously loses money for shareholders. Byrne pretends that profits are right around the corner. More money is lost. Dishonest accounting tricks are used to pretend [...]

  • Interesting develoments in case of Mary Kay Cosmetics trying to stop liquidators from buying and selling their products

    In the world of Mary Kay Cosmetics, recruiting new victims into the multi-level marketing (MLM) system and frontloading them with large inventory packages is critical to the survival of the company. The company and the upper levels of the pyramid rely on repeated ordering of products by beauty consultants, and little attention is paid to [...]

  • Fraud Discovery Institute releases Top 10 Red Flags for Fraud at Pre-Paid Legal

    Top 10 Red Flags for Fraud at Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. (NYSE:PPD) 1. Pre-Paid Legal press releases and earnings calls consistently tout the “record” numbers that the company has achieved. This leaves the impression that the business is increasing in strength. TRUTH: Every key metric for Pre-Paid Legal’s business was down in 2008, again demonstrating the weakness [...]

  • A politician finally talking sense about bailouts and stimulus funds

    Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker had an opinion piece on the bailout madness in today’s Wall Street Journal. His legacy is holding the line of property taxes for Milwaukee County property owners. (i.e. He felt that we were already paying too much when he won the office several years ago, and has seen to it [...]