Gray Matter

  • Discovery World hosts memorial to Les Paul tomorrow

    One of the Milwaukee area's most celebrated natives will be honored tomorrow when Discovery World hosts a memorial to Les Paul. Paul will "lie in repose" in a closed casket and the public is invited to pay their respects.

  • Mayor Barrett Says Anyone Would Have Done What He Did

    A somewhat weak but typically good-natured Mayor Barrett recalled the events leading up to his Saturday night beating. "I wanted to let you know that I'm still standing," he quipped.

  • Barrett to hold news conference this morning

    Mayor Barrett's decision to speak publicly this morning is a good sign that he is on the mend. Meanwhile, his suspected assailant's mom is putting the blame on Barrett.

  • He’s Baaaaack!!!

    This guy comes back more often than Jason! A mid-season game between two regional rivals suddenly takes on national interest of epic proportions.

  • Mayor Barrett felt his life was in danger

    When the assailant said he had a gun and ordered Barrett to lie face down, the mayor came up swinging. That's when the guy pulled out a metal baton and began whacking the heck out of him.

  • Why Doyle Won’t Run in 2010

    Gov. Doyle says two terms in office are enough and pledges his decision is final. "I won't pull a Brett Favre on you."

  • Barrett “did the right thing”

    Mayor Barrett looked pretty awful after being attacked, but he's recovering fast. He may leave the hospitial today, according to his brother, John Barrett.

  • Suspected Barrett assailant in custody

    Tom officially a badass

    Mayor responds to cries for help; takes a beating but gets one in. Way to go, Tom! Feel better fast.

  • says Doyle won’t run in 2010

    Sources tell that Dems are concerned about Jim Doyle's chances in 2010. Or maybe there's a federal appointment in his future. Brett Favre finally retired, maybe Doyle thinks his time has come too!

  • Barrett Denies Charge of Racism

    MPS School Board President Michael Bonds charges racism but Mayor Barrett says it's all about the children...and the money.

  • The Other Shoe Falls on MPS

    What makes a school district succeed is the quality of the people in charge, not how they are chosen. Mayoral control does not guarantee improvement, and many will assess their approval of the city's takeover of MPS based on their confidence in Tom Barrett.

  • Gwen Moore Hosts a Textbook Town Hall

    Undoubtedly, few people who came with their minds made up were influenced to switch sides. Yet, it is gratifying that if someone did indeed show up undecided they may very well have learned something.