Building Info

Milwaukee Industrial Exposition Building, 1880s. Image courtesy of Jeff Beutner.
  • Address:
    500 W. Kilbourn Ave.
  • Architect:
    Walter A. Holbrook
  • Architectural Style:
    Queen Anne
  • Status:
  • Year Built:

Designed by Walter A. Holbrook.

Demolished following a fire in 1905.

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Yesterday’s Milwaukee: Public Museum Exhibits, 1880s
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Public Museum Exhibits, 1880s

The museum would move 12 years later, saving it from the exposition building's disastrous fire of 1905.

Yesterday’s Milwaukee: Panorama of Milwaukee, 1885
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Panorama of Milwaukee, 1885

The new Industrial Exposition Building gave a great vantage point for those photographing the city.

Yesterday’s Milwaukee: Milwaukee Industrial Exposition Building, 1880s
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Milwaukee Industrial Exposition Building, 1880s

Touted as the "finest in the country," the exposition hall on 5th and Kilbourn held a wide range of events.