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House Confidential

Shannan Hayden’s Nifty Newberry Tudor

Hayden is running against Ald. Nik Kovac and has a much finer home.

By - Mar 28th, 2016 01:36 pm
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Hayden is running against Ald. Nik Kovac and has a much finer home. Back to the full article.

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13 thoughts on “House Confidential: Shannan Hayden’s Nifty Newberry Tudor”

  1. Atlanta Streetcar says:

    Thanks for putting this out there. Knowing this is the kind of mansion our police officers are living in, it makes me question how we’re paying them and why they whine about everything. It seems they’re doing OK if they can afford such stately manors.

  2. Hello Mr Horne,

    I would like to start by thanking you for the history lesson on our home. I’ve often wondered about it, and I appreciate the effort you put into looking into it for me. I would like to correct a few errors in your story, however, and contrast myself with Nik Kovac, who is obviously a friend considering the flattering articles your publication often posts.

    As far as my “stately mansion” is concerned, we paid $317,000 six years ago, the City, of course, over assesses it now at $306,000 considering we recently had the home assessed and it is now only worth $266,000. When we bought it, we paid what the bank assessed it at, which was less than even the city assessed value. It was actually a good deal. Unlike Nik Kovac who wasn’t sure if he was ready for an “adult” home (your words) just last year, this is my second home, the first of which was in Sherman Park. In that article, you praise Nik Kovac for having higher walking scores than his coworkers, but somehow my success is a scarlet letter. I am extremely proud of the fact that I was able to work my way up from being homeless at 16, then a single teen mother, to finally living in the beautiful neighborhood that Nik Kovac was blessed to be raised in his entire life. I consider this quite an accomplishment, and my success is due entirely to my commitment to hard work and refusal to give up. I have worked hard for everything I have. Nothing was given to me.

    As far as the landscaping and mulch, after a winter full of blustery days, it’s no surprise to me, at least, that much of it has blown away. It looks much nicer after I’m able to complete my yearly maintenance, and is much, much nicer than it was when we bought it. The fabric is actually necessary to hold back the invasion of bluebells that spread faster than dandelions and completely smother the struggling Pfitzer Junipers. I have consulted with Pam Frautschi on my landscaping struggles, and she has been wonderful, and says I am doing a great job. You’re more than welcome to come back to take photos after the spring clean-up for a better perspective.

    As far as associating me with Bob Donovan, my shirts were green because it was St Patrick’s Day (no mystery there), and even your own photo shows that my signs are blue and white, not green. I am also proud to say that my signs are in yards with Barret signs, Larson signs, Abele signs and Donovan signs. My support comes from many different residents who understand that Alderwoman is a non-partisan position. That’s how I intend to represent my constituents.

    As far as my support of the police goes, I am married to a police officer. No detective work needed there. There are, however, a few more citizens other than just me in Riverwest and on the Eastside who are pro-police, and I appreciate that you noticed that this is one of the areas to differentiate me from Nik Kovac. That was a spot on assessment. The majority of the voters I spoke with also share my support for the police.

    As far as the street car, I have repeatedly used it as a talking point to illustrate Nik Kovac’s support of downtown development in favor of other, more critical infrastructure develpoment, at the expense of Milwaukee taxpayers and MPS funding.

    Now, on to my husband and me. I wish you would have put as much research into both of us as you did my home, because he was only promoted a little over two years ago, and he has never made over $100,000. Nik Kovac makes nearly that with his own well known perks. I also have a career of my own and make my own money too, you know. As far as the Mitt Romney sign goes, yes, my husband does have his own political leanings. How relevant is my husband’s political view and salary, though? Isn’t my view on the issues and my accomplishments what matter? I am an independent woman with a brain and opinions of my own. This isn’t the 1950’s, you know, and although I successfully raised two children, I’m certainly no June Cleaver.

    Thank you for the opportunity to clarify a few things.

    -Shanna Hayden

  3. Barbara says:

    I majored in journalism in college and, try as I might, cannot find any actual value in this article. A candidate lives in a cute house. Okay. Is her house valued at $1M or more? No.
    At least she lives in the district she’s running in.

  4. Tundra says:

    I didn’t major in journalism and I can early see there is no point to this article. Can’t wait to read his next article
    about how Sanders, Clinton, and Trump are not qualified because they all live in multimillion dollar homes. Wonder who he will point out to vote for?

  5. Sara says:

    Not quite sure what the author is trying to prove with this article. Don’t you have to live in the area where you are running for the alder-person position? If the area is of a certain stature, then the alderman would live in one as well. However, it seems like Ms. Hayden was able to take advantage of the housing crisis and buy a nice home at a good price. I am sure she also pays a pretty penny in taxes there.

    Also, knowing many police and fire officers, some in my family, I can concur with her comment that her husband isn’t making 6 figures. But, I know I am bias, I think they should. These people work all hours and protect our lives. I feel the same about teacher and military personnel. There are some jobs that are underpaid for what they do for our communities.

  6. Dave says:

    Looks like we have some newcomers to the housing confidential section of UM as they seem to be about as familiar with these pieces as the figure on their significant other’s paycheck. I’m sure once they read all the others, they’ll find them equally as entertaining.

  7. Dave says:

    By the way, Zillow estimates this home to be worth $391k. You must share the name of this assessor you used, Shannan. Sounds like quite the steal when trying to duck your fair share of property taxes.

  8. AG says:

    Yes, the newcomers to the house confidential section of UM are not aware that it is Mr. Horne’s personal outlet to use personal (though public) details about people as fodder for throwing smug digs at those he doesn’t like while celebrating those he does. The details of someone’s home does not matter, he will twist things to be positive or negative in whichever way suits him.

    To Shannan Hayden, your response was well stated, respectful and level headed. Not something a person who disagrees with Nik Kovac tends to see… for that alone you’d have my vote if I was in your district.

  9. Michael Hayden says:

    Dave, your first comment, I agree with the first sentence, but the second half, and your next comment, makes me assume you have a split personality. Zillow? Really? Well, we all know Dave’s never bought a house or paid property taxes. Dave…my house is for sale, for the Zillow approved price of 390k (I’ll give you a K off…meet you in the middle). Whaddya say? Meet me at your bank tomorrow and I’ll bring the title. For the record, I love House Confidential. Unless it’s used as a political hit piece. Either way, anybody else notice that in the House Confidential database that Nik Kovac seems to own two homes…that combined are worth more than mine (Dave, Zillow that for me so I’m not over stepping). Oh my. Might Nik be the well off villain in this one? See ya at the polls!

  10. Dave says:

    Actually, dipshit, I own a house and pay plenty of property taxes. Zillow may not be the most accurate but I can assure you, based on extensive research on refinancing, Zillow is never off by 47%.

  11. Michael Hayden says:

    Thank you, Dave. That was perfect.

  12. Sue says:

    OMG!!!! WHEN did working hard and succeeding in improving your life become a crime? Here you have the very example of the American dream. Work hard and keep your goals clear and you too can be a success in your business AND personal life. You may want to examine the apparent personal and financial accomplishments of these two candidates to see which “one” of these people might be someone to emulate and even vote for. Someone who can realistically relate to your own concerns. Why is financial and personal success a source of envy? Would Shannan be a better candidate if she lived in a tent in Humboldt Park? Neither Michael OR Shannan come from money and NEITHER have EVER had anything handed to them. As for the Zillow issue, as Michael said, “bring your check book Dave. I bet Michael and Shannan will be happy to give you a really GREAT deal!!!”

  13. Crystal B. says:

    I was also puzzled at the very condescending tone of this article as it relates to the success of the Haydens. I’m no new House Confidential reader; I too have noticed how many articles are written in a witty but neutral manner but articles pertaining to certain politically active individuals seem to take on an unnecessary negative tone. I agree with Sue’s sentiments in her comment above. It’s a shame when it’s made to sound like financial success (pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps, if you will) is something to be disdained and suspicious of.

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