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Stealth Campaign Targets Mayor Barrett

He would easily win the April election. But could he take third in Tuesday’s primary?

By - Feb 11th, 2016 12:05 pm
Mayor Tom Barrett speaking at the groundbreaking for the Northwestern Mutual Tower and Commons. Photo by Jeramey Jannene.

Mayor Tom Barrett speaking at the groundbreaking for the Northwestern Mutual Tower and Commons. Photo by Jeramey Jannene.

Voters are not happy with established politicians, as outsiders Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are proving. Could that sentiment spell doom for Mayor Tom Barrett?

“This would be the perfect time for anti-Barrett conservatives from outside the city to run a credible candidate against him and put a couple million behind that candidate,” one veteran of Democratic campaigns tells me. “The mayor is clearly vulnerable on the crime issue. He’s vulnerable in being a 40-year career politician.” He’s also vulnerable on the city’s giveaway to the Milwaukee Bucks for their new arena, which a large majority of voters oppose.

But no such anti-Barrett money has materialized. The mayor has about $810,000 in his campaign coffers, 25 to 30 times more than his two main opponents, Ald. Bob Donovan ($28,000 on hand) and Ald. Joe Davis ($16,000 on hand), as Mary Spicuzza has reported for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Nor do Donovan and Davis seem to be working particularly hard. We are just a few days from the primary election and the mayoral campaign has been almost non-existent. Even Barrett hasn’t spent that much money.

But there is a sneaky effort going on to quietly squeeze Barrett between Donovan’s support on the far South Side and a potential support for Joe Davis on the North Side. Key to that effort are former alderman Michael McGee Jr. and Sheriff David Clarke. McGee is working on a get-out-the-vote effort in the black community, which includes radio ads on WNOV-AM (860) encouraging people to vote. Those ads were sponsored by a new group named “Milwaukeeans for Self-Governance,” whose leaders include Republican-leaning political operative Craig Peterson of the firm Zigman Joseph & Associates, as Spicuzza reported.

McGee is shuttling people to City Hall to vote early. Is he getting paid for his efforts, and if so, who is paying him? Peterson says he doesn’t know.

As for the radio ads featuring Clarke, they generated a story from, the conservative online publication mostly bankrolled by an organization affiliated with Eric O’Keefe, head of the Wisconsin Club for Growth, whom I’ve dubbed “the Third Koch Brother.”

Peterson has had great success getting the publication and its (I kid you not) “national First Amendment reporter” M.D. Kittle, to cover the PR man’s activities, including the failed attempt by Peterson and others to launch an anti-streetcar referendum drive. We learn from Kittle that the Clarke ads are “sponsored by” Peterson’s Milwaukeeans for Self-Governance, the same group that paid for the McGee ads.

Clarke’s message? “Are you better off living in Milwaukee than you were four, eight, 12 years ago? We’ve had the same city government in place,” Clarke says. “Your vote sends a message that the status quo isn’t working. Feb. 16, you get to decide the direction we’re moving in.”

Now add the fact that there are several hotly contested, majority-black aldermanic seats where the turnout is likely to be higher than usual. Davis and Willie Wade are not running for reelection in their respective aldermanic districts, and Ald. Robert Puente faces a raft of challengers in his northwest side district, including Milwaukee County Supervisor Martin “Mac” Weddle, who is African American.

When you combine these campaigns, McGee’s early voting efforts, plus the radio ads by McGee and Clarke, you probably get a higher black turnout than the usual February primary, and these voters could also vote for Davis for mayor, even as white, south side conservatives vote for Donovan. The hope of Peterson and other anti-Barrett folks (who apparently cannot be named) is that the mayor sleeps while this is going on and loses the primary, taking third.

There are, however, many problems with this game plan. For starters, Donovan’s appeal is limited to white conservative male voters. He does not do as well with white women voters. There are probably two districts — those held by Mark Borkowski (southwest side) and Terry Witkowski (far south side) where Donovan will do well. But Barrett is likely to take a strong second place. Donovan’s own district is increasingly Latino, and Donovan (who is also running for reelection as alderman) could lose twice in his own district, with Barrett winning the district for mayor.

As for the black vote, two African American legislators who talked off the record confirmed that “people are ready for something different,” as one put it. But neither felt there was a strong sentiment against Barrett himself. I’m told by someone close to Barrett’s campaign that its internal polls show impressive support for him city-wide, including in majority black districts.

And even if many blacks see a need for change, does that mean they will vote for Davis?

Not one black member of the Common Council is supporting Davis for mayor, nor for that matter is any black elected official in Milwaukee, which says something about his appeal to them. One black legislator who has been going door-to-door and getting feedback, says, “I can’t say there is great appreciation for Joe.” The legislator adds that Davis had “a couple young white guys” handing out campaign literature at a central city event, making the alderman seem disconnected from his own community.

As for those ads by McGee and Clarke, they do not even mention Davis and have run for awhile on one radio station (WNOV-AM). Democratic PR man Evan Zeppos dismisses the Clarke ads as something of a joke, saying “I don’t think they are going to make any difference. They don’t mention any politician and paraphrase the arguments of a Donald Trump.”

Peterson has done work for O’Keefe, squiring him around Milwaukee to meet various politicos, and recently appeared on WNOV with O’Keefe, where they discussed the mayoral election. That has fueled the rumor that O’Keefe’s Club for Growth is paying for the radio ads, which Peterson denies.

Since the ads carefully avoid mentioning Barrett and Davis, it seems likely they have been funded by a nonprofit, which can’t legally engage in such politicking. In short, the money could be coming from a foundation, say a group like the conservative Bradley Foundation or the Einhorn Family Foundation, who were both once involved in the creation of billboard ads warning that “voter fraud is a felony.”

At any rate, the size of the effort here seems way too small, and too generalized in messaging, to create a wave of support for Davis.

Meantime, Barrett does not appear to be sleeping through this race. His recent mailer touts his efforts to fight crime, and also positions him as someone opposed to Scott Walker and his “cuts” in funding that goes to “police and fire protection” in Milwaukee. And Walker is at this point toxic in the city, with horribly high negative ratings. That message is being repeated on radio ads and through social networking by the campaign.

Finally, I’ve been told the Journal Sentinel is coming out with a story containing negative information on both Donovan and Davis, which won’t help their cause.

My guess is that Barrett takes first, followed by Donovan and then by Davis, mostly because the white conservatives who support Donovan tend to turn out in low visibility elections like a February primary. For Barrett that would be the ideal scenario: he gets Donovan running to the mayor’s right, a no-win position for any challenger.

Should Davis take second, that would be a little more worrisome. If Peterson could make a case to some major Republican donors that Davis has a chance, the PR operative might be able to shake the money tree for the alderman. But given the casual way Davis is conducting his campaign, that seems unlikely.

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48 thoughts on “Murphy’s Law: Stealth Campaign Targets Mayor Barrett”

  1. wisconsin conservative digest says:

    Barrett deserves to be third, Milwaukee is mess. Clarke passed it up cause the city is so badly broken and the Lefties hate him so much he could not get anyting done. Left has ruined the schools and the cities across the country.

  2. Bill Kissinger says:

    Craig Peterson is a great guy and as smart as they come. He no doubt intended the irony of a River Hills resident (in other words not technically a voter in this race) calling his organization “Milwaukeeans for Self Governance.” I got a chuckle out of it. I’m guessing he has, too.

  3. 2fs says:

    Curious world…where a man with multiple decades of experience in both houses of Congress can be referred to, unironically, as an “outsider.”

  4. Vincent Hanna says:

    WCD for mayor! I will be writing you in come election day. What this city really needs is a leader who is cranky, old, out-of-touch, narrow-minded, and spiteful with poor spelling, grammar, and reading comprehension skills.

  5. John says:

    Yes, the billions of dollars of development taking place in Milwaukee prove that Barrett is out of touch and doing a poor job. Just wait until most of these projects hit the tax rolls. It should hopefully provide more budget to try and help the areas which need it.

  6. Observer says:

    I’m with Vincent. Ol’ Bob for mayor!!!! Close downtown, bulldoze the Third and Second Wards. No one lives in Milwaukee except racists, criminals, and Bob Donovan. Mr. Dohnal, you will have to move into Milwaukee and actually live here when you take office though. I hope you will so you can fulfill your vision for my city.

  7. wisconsin conservative digest says:

    John, yes billions downtown while the neighborhoods are shooting galleries full of abandoned houses, human trafficking, potholes, heroin. Detroit tried that. Don’t forget the potholes.

  8. Ryan N says:

    Thank God Barrett will come in first and blow out Bathroom Bob Donovan come April. Then we’ll have WCD and his other friends out in the burbs steaming and wondering how he could possible lose.

    Just so you know it’s because Barrett will win by huge margins on the East and North sides while likely breaking even in the South and West.

  9. Paul Berge says:

    Seems like a north-side get-out-the-vote push could affect the Supreme Court race, too.

  10. wisconsin conservative digest says:

    I have worked in city for 40 years. Great people lousy leaders. On this site small people talk about people, average about events and leaders talk about issues, like why are the roads around Bucks and trolley will be perfect and the rest of neighborhoods rotten.

  11. Ryan N says:

    You’ve “worked in the city for 40 years” and still learned absolutely nothing about it. You can continue to spew hate and it won’t do you one bit of good in the city. The south side support you have is slowly dying as the people get older and younger people who don’t feel the same replace them.

  12. wisconsin conservative digest says:

    Again, just personal invective, cause this site is all small people. No one wants to defend the decisions by this group to build a 500 million dollars arena and 200 million dollar trolley while the neighborhoods go to hell. I drive around the city and learned that real quick, 50% of roads are terrible.
    Every week I list Milwaukee’s problems and you clowns just are babbling boobs.

  13. the realist says:

    What do we get different from either of these candidates. They are all part of the old guard, and the city is continuing to sink. So what actually needs to happen is we need to remove all of them. Barrett, Davis, Donovan are all part of the problem and we need other options with business experience and community experience. The old guard must go.

  14. Ryan N says:

    Yes WCD, just keep saying the same things over and over again and offering no solutions. We’ll continue to think you’re a fool and take no heed and giggle on the inside at what you say. You have no power in the city and the south side’s influence is waning as the old angry blue collar whites slowly pass.

  15. Vincent Hanna says:

    “Every week I list Milwaukee’s problems”

    Yes we know. It’s all you do (and it’s daily, not weekly). It doesn’t take a genius to complain about everything. You’re just an angry old man. My wife’s grandfather is just like you. He’s 79 and just sits around griping about everyone and everything. It’s sad that people choose to go out that way, but I guess it’s hard to live in a world that doesn’t need or want you anymore.

  16. Andrew Shaw says:

    Why do continue to print half truths? You left out Jame Methu, who is running for Mayor. James has been working very hard to get his message out. When you leave out his name, then you leave out his message. Is this a service for Milwaukee? Please see James Methu’s website:

  17. Mike B. says:

    Ryan – those are big words for a boy living with mommy and daddy in Glendale. You don’t live in Milwaukee, you don’t own a home, you don’t have kids starting at MPS and none of the money you make at NWM will ever be taxed for the streetcar, so exactly why do you feel you have the right to comment?

  18. wisconsin conservative digest says:

    None of you are able to discuss issues or problems just funny invective, that is why Milwaukee is a mess. You are probably over paid gov. employees.

  19. Ryan N says:

    WCD, you know your goal is never to debate it’s to “list the bad things in Milwaukee” to rile up the suburban vote. I’m conservative, I despise talking heads and others who tell me how to think. You know you never debate the issues, just say how awful the city is and how we should all vote out Democrats. That’s not a solution or debate. Just keep spewing your same points over and over, you’re shouting at a blank wall and nobody listens.

  20. Vincent Hanna says:

    “None of you are able to discuss issues or problems”

    And this is why you have poor reading comprehension skills. There are healthy debates here all the time, and no one who posts here acts as if Milwaukee has no problems. There are debates about crime, public transportation, education, environmental issues, taxes, housing, and more. On a regular basis. You never participate though, which is probably why you haven’t noticed. You just make your list of everything that’s terrible over and over and over again, never actually discussing anything. Complaining is not discussing WCD.

  21. Dave Reid says:

    @Andrew Your comment was caught in our moderation queue. This will happen to first time commenters, comments with urls, and a variety of reasons to limit spam.

  22. Ryan N says:

    @Andrew sorry to say but James Methu is irrelevant. He’ll come in a very distant 4th most likely. I hope he isn’t spending too much of his own money on his campaign. He should have run for an aldermanic seat, something that’s realistic to win instead of Mayor.

  23. Bm says:

    James has my vote, I am expecting a big surprise this primary. He has youth and a future. None of the other guys can say that. A lot of people don’t think James Methu has a shot but they’re mostly white people who never know what going on on our side of town any way. Your going to be shocked.

  24. wisconsin conservative digest says:

    Debate is not here, only invective from 14 year olds. Since 1974 we have worked to fix MPS. We wanted to bust it up then.
    We did get CHOICE and 220 through which has not been miracle but made MPS improve according to Thornton and gave some kids hope. Still nothing happens. Aren Duncan: “MPS National Disgrace”. You guys are in charge, 100’s of thousands of inner city kids have been lost and Vince and other public employees have no answers.

  25. Tim west says:

    James Methu is a strong candidate without the baggage of previous public service. He is not the old guard, they all must go.

  26. Ryan N says:

    I’m prepared to be shocked at how few votes he gets, my guess will be <2,500.

  27. Bm says:

    Yea we will see, luckily no one cares about either of our opinions. Peace

  28. John G says:

    WCD, as a daily reader, I have yet to see you ever engage with anyone in any way other than just repeating the same thing you said previously in unique, grammatically creative ways.

    How much development is taking place in Waukesha right now Bob? Funny how NML decided on building their beautiful new headquarters on Milwaukee’s lakefront. Nothing in reality is fixable overnight, and I would much prefer that the Mayor and the business community act in concert as they are to continue building on all the progress we have seen in the last 15 years.

  29. Ryan N says:

    The previous post was not made by me. Urban Milwaukee can verify that so I guess the person isn’t very bright. -_-

  30. Dave Reid says:

    @Ryan N Sorry I missed that when I approved it. There appears to be one person commenting under multiple names right now (very poor form)… I’ll delete the fake Ryan N post.

  31. Will says:

    @ Mike B.

    Yikes, you sound angry. “so exactly why do you feel you have the right to comment?:” Maybe because he lives in Milwaukee and is a member of the community? That cool with you? Pass the test?

  32. Ryan N says:

    @Mike B As I’ve said multiple times I’m saving up plenty of money to put a lot down on a downtown condo. I’m not going to do it the way a lot of people do it and go into major debt for no reason. So yes, I’ll be living in downtown Milwaukee by the end of 2017. I’ll be using the streetcar and helping to pay for it. I venture into the city all the time and spend my money there and try and support positive development when I can.

    Also big words from someone who wants the city to succeed and will do whatever I can to help. Also what I’ve noticed is the people who say “living in mommy and daddy’s basement” and bring up money are in major debt themselves (home or credit cards) and are not in a position to lecture anyone. I have a lot more money saved than the personal average, so I guess I’m doing well off.

    And while I do live at home I live alone half the year, it’s called a mutually beneficial relationship. What’s funny is if you treat your kids that way and act like you’re superior they’ll just dump you in a home and never visit later when you’re broke and penniless. What goes around comes around you know.

  33. wisconsin conservative digest says:

    Our family has been working on Milwaukee problem for decades at the state and local level. Have written political columns for decades, ran over 100 campaigns from president to school board. Have worked on an enormous amount of legislation. Have had to listen to 14 year olds like you, whine and cry, but never lay out any solutions.. You sound like Bernie, Hillary and Tom. All blame someone else for their own messes. Never solve any problems. English majors, never do anything, just correct. Milwaukee has become one big pothole, MPS a national disgrace, While paying out millions for a trolley and Bucks arena.
    Our biggest problem in Milwaukee is that no one out state trusts or will give them money,they are so incompetent. Since Barrett and the disastrous takeover of Milwaukee county by nuts., could get a dime.
    Norquist/Maier were pretty good Mayors, Barrett is not.
    In the 60’s Waukesha was pretty much a farm community with 4 Assemblymen, now much bigger. Gross product approaching Milwaukee, then add Washington and Ozaukee as people flee the Lefties.
    NML is here forever before Barrett. That is really stupid comparison. Downtown has had some growth, but the neighborhoods are immersed in a crime wave, heroin epidemic, human trafficking, abandoned houses, worst poverty in country, 57% youth unemployment and Milwaukee is corrupt.
    I continually challenge people like you to lay out a solution to the crime wave the last 4 years under Barrett. We all know the answers, but Barrett/Flynn stand up there like idiots and propose things that are worthless, and even they know it, just need to say something. Pathetic lefty leaders here, Baltimore, Detroit, everywhere.

  34. Ryan N says:

    You’re still doing it. You listed problems but no actual solutions. The thing is you don’t have actual solutions, you just rail. How would you fix the city WCD? My guess is you’ll refuse to answer. That’s ok, I know a lot of elderly like you who rail against the poverty state like you who are all on government benefits to survive.

  35. Ryan N says:

    And just so you know WCD, I’ve voted for Walker in his 3 runs and for county exec and the only Dem I’ve voted for statewide since I could vote was Kohl in 06 since his challenger was a joke. Local I’m more split.

    I’m just getting really sick of what’s been happening, and most of it appears to come from Vos and Fitzgerald over Walker. Unlimited power has destroyed the party in this state and needs a correction. Divided government is what we need. Dem Governor and State Senate, Republican assembly. No kook criminal like Donovan as mayor, keep Barrett. He’s quiet and reserved but knows how to get stuff done in the city.

  36. John G. says:

    For someone who previously cited invective, you certainly enjoy spewing it yourself. I wouldn’t expect anyone here to share their schooling and work history as it is immaterial. If it matters to you, I am a Finance major working in Banking.

    Considering the article discusses a Mayoral candidate I would hazard a guess that anyone commenting is far in excess of 14 years of age. Anyone who is 14 year of age and commenting here, then I applaud your interest in civics and hope you retain that interest into adulthood.

    I don’t have the time today to link the previous article commentary were I mentioned the heroin epidemic was to un-unique to Milwaukee and you even agreed, yet you continue to use that in any number of things wrong with Milwaukee as if it is unique here.

    Everyone’s perception of reality is in a large part of their own making. I doubt at your age you are capable of changing, but thankfully the younger demographic are more interested in revitalizing their urban areas versus fleeing from them. As someone who moved to Milwaukee in 2001 for school, the changes are nothing short of astounding. Anyone who reads about all the positive development in any one of the local publications or who see it regularly in their daily life will say the same. It’s sad you aren’t able to see that.

  37. Vincent Hanna says:

    What is Walker doing about the “crime wave” in the largest city in the state he governs? Or is he only governor of WOW counties?

  38. wisconsin conservative digest says:

    Ryan, name your problem and solution and I will do same. Everyone inited to do same.

  39. Ryan N says:

    We need to get people to the jobs. That means fully funding and expanding the bus routes, creating BRT and building a light rail system that goes out into the suburbs/racine. The streetcars the city purchased can go up to 45mph I believe so the system can be expanded and go faster outside of city limits, etc. This will get low income people to jobs around the city and metro area. Right now that’s almost impossible as it can take 3 hours to get across the city on multiple buses.

    For MPS we need more teachers to lower class sizes and more funding for those teachers and supplies and programs. Then anyone who is failing or falling behind have to stay behind at school to be tutored and do their homework before they can go home. This has to be mandatory, force the people to get the learning in and it will stick. In addition to this, for people who aren’t good with book learning but are good with their hands we need to steer them towards trade schools and apprenticeships.

    We need to fund the police force more to have more bodies on the streets to be able to respond to calls faster. Then we need to fully prosecute gun crimes so these people can’t get back on the street for long periods of time. Bring in more undercover people and get this problem controlled. Once in prison the people need to be rehabilitated and taught skills/trades and do rehab for any drug problems and then have a support network once they get out so they’re able to integrate into society and not have the option to go back into criminal activity.

    The roads also need to be fully funded. We need to increase the gas tax and peg it to inflation, institute the $0.50 cent tax that the state is likely to pass and make the state give the city back more of the tax money it taxes to help subsidize out-state. Then we can repave the road faster (though Barrett has cut that time in half since taking office) and fill the potholes faster.

    So those are 4 big ideas that would go a LONG way toward helping the city and making a dent in the poverty. Likely the top two (transportation and education) would then help the housing problem. So then WCD, what would YOU do. Now you have to actually give what your plan is. I played your game, give up the goods.

  40. wisconsin conservative digest says:

    Some good thoughts. Crash the light rail, no votes. We need buses. . Jobs are not going to MIlwaukee but to Waukesha so need more buses to there.
    Lower class sizes and more money do nothing, ask Zuckerberg. And our own state program. WE need teachers and leaders that will scour world for best methods, mostly each kids might need attention like Norway, Finland, Singapore.
    Need new chief, get Barrett, Lefties out of way and 250 more cops. Follow Frankovis plan and Clarkes.
    No roads, no economy, no jobs. Do not spend money on toys, but serious roads. Must take into effect the problems of electric cars, hybrids and high mileage. Must have a combined tax system of some kind and the cut our income taxes to pay for it.

  41. Tom D says:

    WCD, you support more buses to Waukesha County. But who’s to blame for not having more buses to Waukesha County?

    Waukesha County.

    Since the State Republicans have put the kibosh on any regional transit funding, all funding must come from individual counties. MIlwaukee County funds buses within Milwaukee County up to 124th Street and any service beyond that point is Waukesha County’s responsibilty.

    You can’t lay this problem on Milwaukee County.

  42. wisconsin conservative digest says:

    We tried that and it did not work, Usually Milwaukee wants to take control of anything and makes a mess like MMSD, MATC, others.
    Regional plan just creates another spending body. Milwaukee needs to elect people like John Norquist, who worked with people but this group in Milwaukee does not do that, tries to screw Waukesha all the time,like with water..

  43. Ryan N says:

    Wisconsin is one of the few areas of the country where rail is a liberal vs conservative issue. It’s supported by many around the country.

    What really happens is the suburbs, who have less people overall want to be the ones to dictate how things should be done while paying practically nothing. That’s not how it works, if Milwaukee has more people and pay more for all of it they should be able to control all these regional bodies.

    I wouldn’t mind Norquist back, he would be on the war path against the suburbs for their anti-rail, anti-urban, anti-working together stance. He may have been fiscally conservative but people are forgetting how hard he fought for the city.

    A lot of the problems stem from the fact overall on how insular Wisconsin is. Many people never leave the state, and it’s a shame that our conservative movement here is thought of as a joke compared to other areas around the country.

  44. wisconsin conservative digest says:

    Why do we want three half assed systems? Trolley, light rail when we could really use a real solid bus system that does eveything.

  45. Ryan N says:

    We know that in the end your goal has always been to only supper cars. Every time any mass transit has come out the chorus from the right is “we have buses, fund the buses” and then when the bus system needs funds it’s “we don’t need buses, we need to cut funding and routes”.

    Why not at least he honest? We could free up a ton of money by eliminating most road expansion and only funding for outstate. Decreasing population and low usage and they’re expanding? Complete waste for dying towns.

  46. BT says:

    I’ve not paid enough attention to the MKE mayoral race since I’m not all that excited about any of the candidates, although Joe Davis is probably my favorite (again that’s not saying a whole lot) but he’s at least shown a willingness to break the mold of the usual, often inept elected officials we’ve seen from the black community (and I don’t blame many of the various successful black business leaders and other local success stories from the black community for staying the hell away from ANY elected office, whether it is the INSANE county board or the lackluster common council) but at least Davis, who I’m assuming is a Democrat in a non-partisan office, has “broken the mold” by daring to do such things as strike up a conversation on a shared airline flight, that has turned into a friendship with Sen Ron Johnson and brought him to the north side of MKE t see first hand, while I’m sure the rest would’ve simply given Sen Johnson dirty looks and thought about how evil he must be for the entire flight they shared.

    I once again find it interesting, if not laughable the write off that Sheriff Clarke gets, here from Evan Zeppos, who’s seen his own career take off to national prominence just like Sheriff Clarke’s has-BWAHAHAHAHAHA! JUST KIDDING!!! Just like when the JS now infamously declared openly they were now simply IGNORING the duly elected Sheriff, who’s name did become nationally known. (right around the same time their ridiculously slanted beyond belief coverage of the gov race and their endless anti-Walker/pro-Mary, ummmm what was her name again, you know the woman who had nothing to do with Trek’s success, Mary Blurp?? Ah, whatever it was, you know who I mean, the one with the fake boyfriend she took those snowboarding trips with! Right around the time they trashed themselves as any sort of unbiased media source for good!) So now, just like when the ultra-left thought they had Clarke flushed down the toilet, as they THOUGHT they had countered Clarke’s strong support in the county’s burbs with the incredible turnout they’d get from black voters, who would turn against the Sheriff who dared to support their right to defend themselves in their own homes in areas that can be violent, but that do include many black residents who could easily afford to move elsewhere (no, the north side is not just all dirt poor people stuck there, you have pockets and whole areas where hard working, non-criminal, non-violent residents keep an eye on things and DO want the right to defend themselves by being able to legally carry a concealed gun, something the ultra left would snatch away in a second, leaving the smaller % of armed criminals who don’t give a damn about laws to run the area) and Clarke instead cleaned their clocks in those areas.

    As usual, Clarke is once again written off by an all knowing white ultra lib as “a joke” and I’ll bet the joke’s on them AGAIN!

  47. Vincent Hanna says:

    Is there a point to all that rambling? Or are you just writing down what you normally shout at the television while Fox News is on? One of the worst things about the Internet is the way it gives fringe extremists an easy forum. What did they do in the early ’90s? Write newsletters no one read? Write angry letters to the editor?

  48. BT says:

    Hey Vince, WHO is rambling incoherently here? WHO is talking about actual people, actual things that have happened (are you going to deny Clarke cleaned up on the north side in his last election for example?)

    Looks to me like YOU are the one just shooting out the usual, tired old crap, just tossing the poor attempts at insults and one liners, referencing NOTHING IN TOUCH WITH ANY SORT OF REALITY, NOTHING CONNECTED WITH ANYTHING THAT CAN BE BACKED UP, OBJECTIVELY OR EVEN SUBJECTIVELY-NOTHING!!!!!

    Sure, toss in the ubiquitous “Fox News” shot (or the oh so clever “Faux News”, surprised you left that out!) Why not include the Koch Brothers in there too, of course connected directly to-wait for it-NOTHING!!!

    I could come on here and toss out random garbage comments like that too, say “all you libs are just a bunch of commies!!!” or maybe “OK great idea there Mr Karl Marx” but that wouldn’t make any sense-it has no connection to reality, just like your comments!

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