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GOP Circus Puts Spotlight on Milwaukee

Protestors protested as Republican presidential candidates debated. So who won?

By - Nov 11th, 2015 12:22 pm
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Protestors protested as Republican presidential candidates debated. So who won? Back to the full article.

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15 thoughts on “Murphy’s Law: GOP Circus Puts Spotlight on Milwaukee”

  1. AG says:

    Is Urban Milwaukee a news outlet or an entertainment outlet in the likes of conservative talk radio?

    This is why I had trouble with making the decision to contribute to the crowd funding. I decided long ago not to give to organizations who have specific partisan alignment.

  2. Casey says:

    Well said AG. I used to leave comments on pieces like this asking if this was a political hack site or a urbanist news site.

  3. M says:

    Downtown MKE made national news last night both for the debate and protests. Both certainly deserve coverage on UM. Those interested in urbanism also had the option of attending separate forums on development near the arena and in Bay View.

    Dissecting Rubio’s line: “Welders make more money than philosophers. We need more welders and less philosophers.”

    Yes, it was clever, but I don’t think there have ever been tons of philosophy majors, and especially of late. Some philosophers toil for low pay while others do very well in many professions, including as political pundits, teachers, lawyers, etc. Philosophy courses teach people how to think and reason. Rubio, however, may have slacked off in classes in English grammar (missing the difference between “less” and “fewer”). But he did choose the ideal educational path, getting degrees in political science and law. And he’s got some chops as a debater–and a telegenic demeanor,

  4. D says:

    The only circus I saw was the Marxist rain dance going on outside the Milwaukee Theater.

  5. A Bus Driver says:

    @ D : The Clown show was inside the theater. You need to concentrate & stay focused never mind anyone who would vote for any of the debaters can’t be too bright.

  6. Ryan says:

    Yes, the debate inside was a circus, especially due to Trump but also because of Cruz and Carson.

    The circus outside though was almost worse. You bring together a group of people who say they are tolerant and value free speech and the sharing of opinions and ideas and how everyone is valued. But then they turn around and are just as bigoted and hateful and wanting to suppress anyone who has different viewpoints and treat their conservative neighbors as sub-human. They think everyone is valued, but only if you believe what they believe. Would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

  7. Tom Bosworth says:

    Thinking of a circus: Who would have thought 50 years ago that a national party would make the subject of an active and expanding felony investigation by the FBI the frontrunner for nomination to the Presidency?

    Hillary can’t even claim the investigation is part of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Her party’s guy is president, her party’s guy is attorney general, her party’s guy runs the FBI.

    She still gets loads of support. Now that is a circus.

    Can anyone imagine a candidate for either party being a serious contender for the nomination under similar circumstances 50 years ago?

    I guess felony concerns are so 20th century. At least for Democrats.

  8. Wis Conservative Digest says:

    All of the GOP guys up there far better than that dopey corrupt bunch of the dems.

  9. Vincent Hanna says:

    Tom are you talking about Chris Christie?

  10. Tom Bosworth says:

    If you think Chistie is the Republican front runner, you need to better keep up with the news .

    Mrs. Clinton, on the other hand, has been crooked since her $1,000 ‘investment’ magically turned into $100,000 in one year. Can we say “That wasn’t a payoff to the governor’s wife” with a straight face?

    Any Democrat can. Magic.

  11. Vincent Hanna says:

    You said contender, not frontrunner. Make up your mind. I’m sure you think she had Vince Foster killed too.

  12. Vincent Hanna says:

    Also is anyone other than Fox News reporting this Tom? A reputable source perhaps, not an arm of the RNC?

  13. tim haering says:

    Bruce, I loved this piece. Were you chasing mescaline with Herradura and cleaning your Colt? YOU seemed to be channeling HST.

    I, too, loved Rubio’s line about welders making more than philosophers, “We need more welders than philosophers.” He was remarkably half-right and I agree he won the debate. But Rubio rhymes with newbio – this isn’t his year. We already have a charismatic Pres. Frosh Senator and see what it got us? Kasich was uncharacteristically strident and angry – or maybe I never truly understood his character. Cruz said some fine things, but I kept hearing Barry Goldwater. Rand Paul had his best debate, but he was like batting Pete Rose at cleanup. Fiorina was inspiring, like Mary Poppins. Carson and Trump were quiet and competent, but like casting Groucho and Harpo as Wally and The Beav. Jeb who? Oh yeah, he’s that privileged name from the past with the short memory who came a day early to kiss Walker’s ring. He’s just Howard Bannister looking for someone to appreciate his igneous rocks. What’s up, Doc?

    Hard to find a hero in that bunch, eh? Out of all the candidates in both parties, Hillary most resembles a president. However, the president she most resembles is Nixon. Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail 2015.

    Write on, my friend!

  14. Tom Bosworth says:

    Vincent: check my paragraph one. I said frontrunner. Later I said ‘serious contender’, and I’ll stick with that. Christie is not a serious contender, and he most certainly is not the frontrunner.

    As for ‘news’ services other than Fox, are you referring to Progressives In Media Propaganda Services?

  15. Robert Farmer says:

    As a Democrat I thought that Kasich turned in the best performance. I could see his frustration with the other candidates responses, especially Rubio, who makes these big bold declarative statements. “We need more plumbers” yada, yada he’s been in politics for 15 years or more, has he done anything about that? “We need to be the strongest military in the world”….Well aren’t we? My point is it seemed to me that Kasich was about the only one that tried to reconcile his statements with real life experiences and how to achieve those goals…..and then people got down on him about the question “if banks fail again what would you do” he kind of stumbled but I could hear what he was trying to say which was basically “I’m not going to let the average citizen lose there money because of the banks fault….anyways I thought Jon Huntsman was the best Republican candidate in the last election as well

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