Bruce Murphy
Murphy’s Law

How Republicans Cause Voter Fraud

False claims of rampant voter fraud by GOP and talk radio prompt their followers to vote illegally.

By - Jul 1st, 2014 11:56 am

Recently we learned that Robert Monroe, a 50-year-old Shorewood health insurance executive, was charged with 13 felonies for fraudulently voting a dozen times in five elections between 2011 and 2012. He was weirdly resourceful, using his own name as well as that of his son and his girlfriend’s son to vote illegally. Monroe is considered the most prolific multiple voter in memory caught in Wisconsin.

Monroe is also a supporter of Gov. Scott Walker who voted for him five times in the 2012 recall election, and has twice donated money to Republican state Sen. Alberta Darling. We learned about his party affiliation in a June 21 story by  and Colleen Henry of WISN TV reported that Monroe was a Darling donor on June 23.

Yet when the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported the story on June 24, the paper left out the fact that Monroe was a Republican. Incredible. I guess they didn’t want to anger their conservative readers.

This omission, of course, allows those readers to assume that Monroe, as a resident of liberal-leaning Shorewood, must have been a Democrat.

This is not the first time that Republicans, convinced that elections are being stolen by Democrats, decided they must vote more than once. There was the case of Herb Gunka and Suzanne Gunka, the West Allis couple accused of voting twice in the November 2008 election. Herb Gunka a hunter and lifelong member of the National Rifle Association, was a fan of conservative talk radio, and the Gunkas were so upset by the talk radio mantra that widespread voter fraud would cancel their own votes that they rushed out to vote – again.

Talk radio host Mark Belling has routinely referred to “rampant voter fraud” and charged that “fraud is part of the Democratic playbook,” while Charlie Sykes tells listeners there’s “a massive concerted effort to defraud the polls,” and gives it a racial tinge with his charge of widespread voter fraud in the “central city.”

Belling and Sykes, of course, are just “entertainers,” so they can make the most exaggerated claims and mislead listeners. But their message is no different than that peddled by top Republican officials.

Reince Priebus

Reince Priebus

Reince Priebus, Wisconsin native and chairman of the Republican National Committee has charged that this state is “riddled” with voter fraud, estimating that up to 2 percent of all votes in the state are fraudulent. In the 2012 election, where more than 3 million voted for president in Wisconsin, that would mean more than 61,000 votes were cast illegally. It’s an astonishing claim, and Priebus offered no evidence whatsoever to back it up.

Not coincidentally, the figure has also been repeated by Belling, who charges that “Democrats have a two percent fraud factor.”

Gov. Scott Walker has also repeated the two percent claim, telling the Weekly Standard that “I’ve always thought in this state, close elections, presidential elections, it means you probably have to win with at least 53 percent of the vote to account for fraud. One or two points, potentially.”

You’d think, given these 61,000 illegal votes cast statewide, that Republicans could easily prove that fraud was widespread. But when given the chance to do just that, in response to a federal suit against the Wisconsin photo ID law, they failed miserably. As I’ve previously reported, a team led by Republican attorney general J.B. Van Hollen presented a huge final brief that was strikingly bereft any proof of voter fraud.

Meantime, there was testimony suggesting the constant harping on the need for laws to clean up voter fraud has convinced people it is a widespread problem. The plaintiffs challenging the law introduced a letter from Kevin Kennedy, director of the state Government Accountability Board, to the Speaker of the Wisconsin State Assembly: “Speaking frankly on behalf of our agency and local election officials,” Kennedy wrote, “I believe continued unsubstantiated allegations of voter fraud tend to unnecessarily undermine the confidence that voters have in election officials and the results of the elections.”

Rutgers University Professor Lorraine Minnite, who studied elections in Wisconsin during the years 2004, 2008, 2010 and 2012 to find incidents of voter fraud and found almost none, offered testimony regarding the likely impact of repeated claims of widespread voter fraud:

“Well, I think people don’t pay a lot of attention to these issues. I would imagine that concern about voter fraud is probably not on the very top of everyone’s list of concerns with respect to public policy or so forth, and so they don’t know a lot about it.

They don’t know a lot about how elections are run…They only know what they may pick up on a little bit from the news here and there. And when you have a lot of this discussion about voter fraud when voter fraud allegations are being made… and they’re being repeated over and over and over again, the public might generally have a sense that there might be a little bit of a problem…

So they defer to what we would call, in survey research, elite opinion. And when they hear people in important positions in government saying there’s a lot of fraud out there…I think that’s really influenced people to think that the problem is really bigger than it is.”

As Lester Pines, a Madison attorney involved in several challenges to the voter ID law has charged, “Reince Priebus and his ilk are saying this…. over and over and over because they’re using the well-known propaganda tool called ‘the big lie.’ If you say it enough times, people will believe it. There’s no other way to characterize this except that Reince Priebus is a liar.”

And the people most likely to be convinced by Republicans are those who share their beliefs. And so there was the Republican voter in Nevada who cast multiple ballots in the same election because she wanted to prove the system was corrupt. And the Republican voter and county supervisor candidate in Texas who cast absentee ballots on behalf of his girlfriend for five years after she died. And a Republican secretary of state in Indiana convicted of six counts of voter fraud.

They feel justified in doing such things, because, after all, the system is corrupt. And then when those instances of voter fraud occur, Republicans can cite them as examples to prove that reform is needed. For the more cynical GOP operatives, that qualifies as a win-win.

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35 thoughts on “Murphy’s Law: How Republicans Cause Voter Fraud”

  1. Chris K says:

    Murphy, you are soooo nauseatingly predictable, fanning a non-existent fire yourself

    So the Republicans get tagged with ONE “big lie” (in your opinion as the actions of two individuals adds up to some sort Party member MO, get for real). Contrast that one with the myriad that the Democrats have in their “mantra”

    – Voter Suppression (no photo IDs)
    – Economic Inequality (That you can tax your way to socio economic “justice”)
    – Benghazi ( was ALL about a video, not a resurgent Al Qaeda)
    – Immigration Reform (is not a pathway to naturalization)
    – ACA (is not a pathway to Universal Payer)
    – And the latest, “Hillary is in touch with the common folk as she was “dead broke” when they left the White House and is now worth ~$50M or more
    – Etc
    – Etc

  2. Tom D says:

    Chris K, as far “economic inequality” and increased taxes are concerned, it would be nice if, at the very least, the rich paid the same tax rate as (to use your words) “common folks”.

    Rich people make much of their income through capital gains and dividends (which are taxed at lower rates than ordinary income or bank account interest). And before you say that dividends SHOULD be taxed less (because that money was already taxed at the corporate level), let me point out that many profitable corporations pay little or no income tax and, therefore, those corporations’ dividends are NOT double-taxed.

    When the rich gamble (on Wall Street), their winnings (capital gains) are taxed at lower rates than regular (Potowatomi) gambling winnings. When they make losing bets, the rich can deduct those loses from any other income, while the Ptoowatomi losers can only deduct those losses against gambling winnings.

    And the VERY rich–hedge fund managers–even have a special loophole (“carried interest”) that makes their top tax rate only 20% vs a top rate of 39.6% for working stiffs.

  3. fightingbobfan says:

    I wish political commentators would stop referring right wing talk radio hosts as “entertainers.”

    First off, no one tunes them in to be entertained. Their audience wants to be “informed.”

    The right wing business interests that supported right wing talk radio during its lean years weren’t looking to set up “entertainers.”

    And how many entertainers influence elections like they do?

    Using that terms only minimizes their real purpose for being on the radio in the first place.

  4. Wisconsin Conservative Digest says:

    Funny Bruce. I know that there is lots of vote fraud, have said so for years. Read the police report done just before Flynn took office, Barrett wanted to suppress.
    Want to get Pultitzer? Take the worst precincts, like the one with the house that Lena Taylor owns with 37 people registered in it, see who registers the last 3 mos. before election, votes early then see where they are after election. You will then find out bout vote fraud.
    Make people show ID and citizenship when registering and then ID when voting. It will disappear.

  5. wisconsin Conservative Digest says:

    It does not anger us that he is GOP, it angers us that he did this, Put him in jail and prosecute the others.

  6. Bruce Thompson says:

    In the Journal Sentinel’s defense they did a front-page article in NOW, their weekly supplement for the North Shore, and identified him as a Republican donor.

    Chris K and WCD: I think you make Murphy’s point for him, about how people believe there is widespread fraud despite the lack of evidence. I guess it is your patriotic duty to vote repeatedly to compensate. (Just kidding, please)

    When politicians lie the people they fool are their own supporters.

  7. Sue Benavidez says:

    I would not even refer to right-wing radio or T.V. commentators as “entertainers.” They are not there to give the news. They work for the GOP and the very very rich. They are there to convince you of the GOP way – for instance “Giving all the money to the rich and Corporations creates jobs.” Yeah, since when? The purpose of the huge tax cuts given to the rich and Corporations was so they WOULD create jobs, increase wages and benefits. Instead they used their extra profits to take their businesses abroad where they have slave labor. Then they sit back and laugh at the stupid Americans who bought into it. Those tax cuts need to be repealed so we can get some of this debt paid of. You can’t pay your debt if you don’t have any income. And if you think the income you take from Granny’s social security and medicare or from the poor, the disabled, the veterans etc. is going to make a dent in it, guess again.

    No, they are not entertainers. They are liars and deceivers.

  8. hankdog says:


    You forgot to mention Vos’s wife and Warren Petryk’s aide.

  9. Kent Mueller says:

    It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy and very much a case of “If the Republicans are accusing the Democrats of doing it, the Republicans are probably already doing it”.
    You omitted a prominent case of a Democratic candidate in Walworth (Racine? Kenosha?) County who voted twice back in the ‘oughts, taking advantage of dual residences in Illinois and Wisconsin much as Monroe did to vote twice in the 2012 Presidential election (in Indiana and WI). Poor people can barely afford one residency much less a home out of state. From experience in the field I can tell you it’s difficult to get the poor to vote — they have more pressing concerns.
    Most of the actual cases are GOP, but still so rare as to stand out and GET CAUGHT. If 61,000 assumed Democrats voted twice, 60,998 would be bragging about it at a family/friend gathering or a bar. 61,000 people can keep a secret if 60,998 of them are dead.
    Voter ID wouldn’t solve one thing in the Monroe case, not one. It DID shave 1 – 2 % off Democratic turn-out for the short time it worked, by 2012 it backfired. It probably increased Democratic turnout by at least 4%. Nothing convinced an indifferent voter who says, “Why bother voting?” like “Because THEY don’t want you do!”. The response is “I’m on it, where do I go?”.
    Forget about talk radio and its influence, their audience appears five times in the death notices for every new listener.

  10. Wis Conservative Digest says:

    If he had to show ID he could not have voted for other people. No ID is why he voted more thna once. Find all of them, put them in jail.

  11. David says:

    Voter fraud is a Republican myth so they can continue to perpetrate the lies and cause confusion with unnecessary laws like voter ID and hidden poll taxes to exclude people that would never vote for Republicans. It is a very calculated strategy on the Republicans part on a national basis. Essentially keep people from voting and maintain their grip on power with their usual corrupt practices.

    There is far more error in the antiquated tabulation process, machinery, efficiency, and poll workers handling than any perceived voting fraud. Funding should be made available to make voting easier and every citizen should be automatically registered to vote instead of jumping through special hoops.

  12. Andy says:

    Opposition to voter ID laws is on the short list for the most disingenuous stance’s that I see liberals make. It is also one of the best strategies they’ve come up with to turn out the vote. The more democrats rail against republicans about the voter ID law, the more they can say “they’re trying to suppress your vote!”

    The highest estimates for people without a form of gov ID is 11% from the Brennen Center for Justice. But that 11% includes ID’s without an updated address, maiden names, etc. In addition, that 11% that they claim is in line with official government estimates are in fact widely exaggerated. The US gov estimates that 12% of the adult population does not have a drivers license. How can 11% be close for all gov issued ID when the government has almost the same number for drivers licenses alone (omitting regular ID’s, military ID, etc).

    Another study, that was cited by the Judge who upheld Indiana’s voter ID law, found that only 1.2 percent of adults lacked gov issued photo ID’s. That’s vastly different.

    Something tells me though, that if someone doesn’t have an ID, they’re probably not the type that really gets out the vote as well. If anything, free gov ID’s brought about by voter ID laws will in fact help improve the lives of these people who don’t have them now. I can hardly think of anything you do these days that does not require a photo ID.

    If democrats/liberals truly cared for the minorities, the elderly, and the poor who do not have photo ID’s they would support this legislation because ultimately it would help them improve their lives. Of course it’s not really about helping the less fortunate, it’s all about winning elections.

  13. Justin says:

    Bruce-Again your piece hits the nail on the head!!!

    Without the 24/7 ranting of right wing talk radio hosts in Wisconsin, there is NO way that Robert Monroe goes out and votes 13 times. Charlie Sykes and especially Mark Belling have so perpetrated the ABSOLUTE RACIST LIES that all the “minorities” are voting more than once, a nice guy like Robert Monroe gets so agitated that he embarks on a personal crusade to “level the playing field” and in doing so, destroys his reputation.

    Far more than Sykes, Belling’s shows often drive home the message that “our side needs to take action” to stop some manufactured threat or injustice. Belling is very careful to NOT tell his listeners to go out and vote multiple times, or to commit criminal acts, his tactic is to allow callers to the show to suggest voting multiple times or the need to get out there and teach someone a lesson. By letting his callers suggest and encourage criminal acts or acts of violence against the “enemies” of Republicans, Belling keeps his hands clean and the FCC away from WISN’s licenses.

    This multiple voting incident is not an isolated example of the effects of right wing hate radio on Wisconsin. Numerous residents of Wisconsin have been the victims of attacks and vandalism to property perpetrated by listeners of the 24/7 right wing hate radio who got so agitated that they decided they needed to strike back against the “injustices” that are often non-existent in real life, but manufactured by talk radio hosts Sykes, Belling, and McKenna to rile up their audiences and boost ratings.

  14. Bruce murphy says:

    Andy, in the federal case in Wisconsin, the prosecution witness (anti-photo ID) estimated that 317,000 registered voters statewide lacked an ID while the defense witness, estimated the total could be as low as 167,000. Typically they must have a birth certificate, but one survey showed that more than 25,000 people in Milwaukee County lacked both a qualifying ID and a birth certificate. The cost of the birth certificate is $20, which can be a barrier for poor people, many other barriers were discussed in the case. I don’t think I’m being disingenuous to be concerned about all people voting, much less African Americans who fought and died to win the right to vote and who are a large percentage of those lacking photo ID. I think this is a hugely important issue to anyone who cares about democracy in this country.

  15. Richard says:

    Voter ID would not have stopped him, anymore than the ID laws stop people who are under 21 from drinking in bars. Ask any college kid how hard it is to get a fake ID these days

  16. Tom D says:

    Andy (post 12), you claim that “only 1.2 percent of adults lacked gov issued photo ID’s.” You imply that this data is for Indiana, but I found data that is VASTLY different.

    In 2007, 16.9% of Indiana adults (and 26.6% of black Indiana adults) lacked either a drivers license or a non-driver ID card. And if you ignore licenses/IDs that lack the full name (e.g. Jim Smith instead of W. James Smith), then 18.9% of Indiana adults (and 28.3% of black adults) lacked IDs.

    source: Table 1.2 on pdf page 21 of:

    Please cite your source.

    I have no problem with voter ID provided every eligible voter can easily get an ID (without missing work or spending hundreds of dollars for cab fares and prerequisite documents). That isn’t the case now.

    If conservatives really cared about election integrity, they would make sure that every person had a truly free ID. They would open DMV offices at night and on weekends. They would reimburse people for the cost of prerequisite documents. (It is disingenuous for Wisconsin to claim IDs are free when Wisconsin collects $20 for the specific document–a special “certified” birth certificate–needed for this purpose.)

    There is something very wrong when the government recognizes you as a person when you owe taxes but won’t recognize you as a person on election day.

  17. wisconsin Conservative Digest says:

    Study after study, including one yesterday shows that voter ID increases minority vote and everyones vote. that is why Conservatives want it.

  18. Tom D says:

    WCD, voter ID does NOT increase the minority vote. Voter ID laws started taking effect around 2008, the same year Obama was on the ballot (and minority interest in elections hit a fever pitch). Yes, the number of minority votes went up, but not BECAUSE of voter ID; they went up IN SPITE of voter ID.

    In Georgia, for example, the percentage of registered Hispanic voters who actually voted fell in the first two major elections with voter ID:

    In presidential elections:
    60.5% of registered Hispanics voted in 2004 (without voter ID)
    59.4% in 2008 (with voter ID)

    in non-presidential congressional elections:
    26.7% of registered Hispanics voted in 2006 (without voter ID)
    25.5% in 2010 (with voter ID)

  19. Wisconsin Conservative Digest says:

    One anecdote is not a study. Read the one that came out yesterday, it was in Journal. A study is over many elections, many states. Each election is different. Depends on people issues, campaigns. GOP benefits from high
    er turnout.

  20. Andy says:

    Tom D, the study I was referring to was from 2008 done on behalf of the American University. In their summary, they specifically speak to the variation between the Barreto and American Univ findings. Besides over sampling minority and low income registered voters, the Barreto report had incorrect definitions of invalid ID’s.

    (BTW, I was saying adult registered voters… which is what the next sentence in my post was referring to)

    Bruce, I find it disingenuous because most people I hear from on the anti-ID side claim to care only for those disenfranchised voters. However, if that was the case they would be less concerned that people without an ID couldn’t vote and more concerned with the fact that people don’t have ID’s! Do you know the quality of life you’re subjected to if you have no valid ID?

    How is it we believe it necessary to provide free cell phones but we don’t believe we should provide free identification?? (including birth certificates)

  21. David says:

    Voting is a citizen right that it seems is under constant attack and manipulation from various political forces in our county throughout it’s existence. At one time the right was granted to only white land owners. Over the years, that right has been expanded to include all men, freed slaves although many barriers continue, and women in the 19th Century, and the age changed to 18 from 21 during 1971. Powerful forces in our society cannot stand it that on voting day, all citizens are equal to the least among us in status and resources. So these forces will use many methods to obstruct the right to vote for the least powerful among us including having poll watcher goons confronting common citizens during the voting process.

    Many of our more mainstream and well-off citizens live in a sort of bubble that everyone lives just like them. That is just not the case. People do live without cell phones and computers, are born here without birth certificates (my Mother in a rural farm house), get along fine without driving a car, and may exist on a barter system. Life records do not exist forever in many places since court houses do burn down with potential records, subject to flooding, mold and decay. New 18-year old citizens in urban and rural areas may face 50% unemployment rates and lack the resources to obtain needed records. It can literally cost hundreds of dollars to obtain needed records for the photo ID, that actually does little to avoid any perceived hint of fraud. A woman that has a name change due to marriage has to spend time taking off from work to chase needed records to confirm her name process to obtain the ID.

    Voter fraud is a myth and lie perpetrated by Republicans so they can institute their obstructions into the voting process to keep voters that normally vote for Democrats, and steal their right to vote through suppression strategies and tactics like voter ID and poll watchers to intimidate elderly and minorities. Republicans are not interested in the freedom and rights of the least among us but in their own grip on power and control. It has almost always been this way.

  22. wisconsin Conservative Digest says:

    David you are so full of it. First, voter fraud started with the first voting. Ever heard of Tamanny Hall? Read the story of Texas and Illinois in the Nixon/JFK race. Daley announced vote that had nothing to do with the real totals as Daley was in league with old Joe and the mafia. They then burned the ballots. Same in Texas. LBJ and dems invented voter fraud down there.
    You obviously have not rad the police reports put together by MPD and given out just prior to Flynn taking charge. Ask Murphy!! We have had numerous convictions in wisconsin but they had just touched the real truth in Milwaukee county. If you would pick some key precincts in Milwaukee, take the people that register the last three months, vote early then check to see who are still here three months after election you would know what I am talking about. Study after Study has shown greater minority participation in elections after voter ID cause people think that their vote will now count. Haven’t you ever heard of “walking around money”? Where the difference is 200,000 or so it will not matter but in the many close one it does. Every asked Lena Taylor how she can have 37 people, as reported by Journal, registered at one of her slum houses?

  23. Andy says:

    The lie is that fraud is not taking place. After the 2004 elections and allegations of over 5000 more people casting ballots in the election then there were numbers of people who voted during that election, you may remember the MPD special investigation unit investigated voter fraud. They found the system rife with fraud and incompetency on the part of the election commission.

    They found evidence of double voting, felons voting, non WI residents voting, homeless being rounded up and shipped to polling stations using false addresses (maybe I’ll even give a pass for that one b/c they need to give SOME sort of address), people using work addresses to vote, extensive absentee voting errors and more!

    The conclusion of the investigation was twofold:
    1. The extent to which problems exist was so vast that they didn’t have enough resources to find the true extent of the fraud and errors.
    2. The ineptitude of the election commission and election workers/volunteers was so bad and recording keeping so poor that they couldn’t build a strong enough case even when they knew for a fact fraud occurred.

    It’s a nice little catch 22 in that we can’t prove fraud because the system is so poorly managed and it needs vast reforms. Yet we claim there’s no reason to reform the system because fraud hasn’t been proven.

    A fascinating read if you have the time:

    People seem to ignore that a fraudulent vote is just like suppressing the vote of every legitimate vote.

  24. David says:

    What the report shows is that education, training, and efficiency need to be invested in the voting process. Voting fraud is a very minor issue. The greater error is in the voting process itself with record keeping, tabulation process, machinery, and poll works and that is where improvements and investments are needed. Voter ID and goon squads intimidating voters does not improve the right to vote and citizens freedom and expectations of an efficiently operated system.

    I have zero trust in Republicans that they are interested in my rights and freedom. They do everything to obstruct it and make things more difficult for the majority of our citizens.

    Humboldt Park Beer Garden now open.

  25. Andy says:

    David, I have zero truth in either the Republicans or Democrats having any interest in my rights and freedom. Lucky for us, because both parties are so vehemently trying to influence their vote totals, I see the Republicans inadvertently supporting the cause of all legitimate voters against fraudulent ones and the democrats inadvertently support the cause of people who may find it difficult to prove eligibility to vote. If the parties actually cared about individuals, they would find a way to improve our system in a way that instills confidence AND protects the rights of eligible voters. But alas, that is not the actual goal… so let the battle continue.

  26. wisconsin Conservative Digest says:

    It is simple, so the Left can understand. We want to make sure that everyone that registers is a citizen of age. Next we want to make sure that the person that votes for that citizen is correct. Tough Huh?

  27. stacy moss says:

    Before you make every citizen get a vote id you have to show that voter fraud is been statistically significant.

    So nothing of the sort has been asserted by the Right.

    ps. When I read the MJS story I noticed the omission and it seemed very weird at the time. I filled in the bank with Republican because I assumed the paper would tell us if he was a democrat. Incredible. I hate the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

  28. Wisconsin Conservative Digest says:

    Baloney. It is our job to guarantee that every election is honest, not wait till we get crooks in cause of a dishonest vote. No dishonest vote. That is really dumb.

  29. Bruce Thompson says:

    The belief that “everyone does it” is a dangerous trap for the unwary.
    I once worked for a company that got into deep trouble for illegal sales practices that were started in the belief that the competition all did the same.
    Those caught in the caucus scandal had concluded that campaigning on state time was ok because everyone did it.
    And now I see that the “everyone does it” is a big part of the Club for Growth argument.

  30. wisconsin Conservative Digest says:

    Across the country the courts have been finding for free speech for everyone. That means Unions, organizations, Corporations. Calif. had this on the ballot, to get rid of Union money and the Conservatives opposed it. Why? People want to hear all sides. Usually the different sides want to shut up the other side.
    Conservatives want free and open debate. No limits on spending and donations as it was when Gene McCarthy took on LBJ. People are not stupid, they can sort it out. Only guys like Bruce Murphy cannot figure it out.

  31. Tim says:

    “Conservatives” like WCD want whatever flavor of the week they think will help them. They have money on their side, so they want no limits on money given to candidates… knowing that they can afford to buy more speech than you or me.

    I’m sure “conservatives” like that would be against it, if they thought it would hurt them. They use facts like a drunk uses a lamp-post, for support… not illumination.

  32. Wisconsin Conservative Digest says:

    Tim, thanks for the 4th of July chuckle. the Left has more money than the right so all sides would do quite well.

  33. Farmer Jeff says:

    Ink our finger at the vote booth like third world countries . The real voter fraud is Waukesha County Clerk(Nicholas) adjusting computerized vote records to elect Prosser and Walker and Van Hollen when it looked like they would lose.
    Now Cindy Archer awarded plum IT job at public defender’s to change computer records of felons. Looks like pardons will be coming, not from Walker ,but from public defenders, Democracy trashed by Oligarchy.

  34. David says:

    On this remembrance of our Independence Day, please deliver us from the oppressive and corrupt Walker and Republican form of divisive, ill-informed, corporate controlled governance. The laws brought to Wisconsin and other states by these treasonous politicians have been written by corporate attorneys through an organization called ALEC. They bring us laws that rob the citizens of voting rights, reduction in the rights of due process, reduction and equal rights of a quality public education without interference of religious and corporate oppression, robbed the citizens of rights to unionize and speak up for working rights of public workers, robbed the working wages of public servants that these robbed wages have been shifted into the coffers of corporations for their benefit, robbed us and the land of environmental protections so corporations can profit at the expense of all of us through degradation of our resources, and robbing the rights to the state of Wisconsin participation in the Affordable Care Act that has financially benefited other states and stimulates their economies, and stop fighting the expansion of the equal rights for all citizens no matter the race, creed, color of skin, sex, age, etc. Please deliver us from this evil governance in our once beautiful state that was known for cooperation and problem solving and appreciation of enlightenment and science and a progressive nature. Wisconsin is now draped with a dark pall and stench on its land and people until this oppression can be vanquished.

  35. wisconsin Conservative Digest says:

    David, save us from your baloney. Walker saved us billions plus saved the schools from the mismanagement of state and Milwaukee. Halfast trains have more than doubled in cost in CA. and tripled in China. The exchanges around country quadrupled in cost and were a mess.
    In states that garbbed Medicaid money they are projecting that in ten years it will push education off the map. we cannot afford education, prisons and free medical care for half the people.

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