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Garlic Fest Spices Up Walker’s Point

Third annual celebration had no vampires, and everything you could imagine flavored with garlic. Our photos capture the fun.

By - Jun 24th, 2014 02:34 pm
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The third annual Garlic Fest, hosted by Braise, returned to Walker’s Point on Sunday. The event features, you guessed it, garlic on and in everything. Your frontal lobe tells you many things shouldn’t taste good, like garlic ice cream, but amazingly, it’s delicious.

Braise hosts the event, but relies heavily on the participation of many other Walker’s Point staples to round out the food offerings. Black Sheep served up garlic hot dogs. Purple Door Ice Cream provided the garlic flavored ice cream. Milwaukee Brewing Company had a beer with a garlic taste. Clock Shadow Creamery had multiple varieties of garlic-accented cheese curds. Old Maid’s Popcorn had garlic popcorn. Cafe India had garlic flavored everything. Transfer Pizzeria & Cafe had garlic pizza and garlic bruschetta. Braise themselves had a variety of garlic flavored items ranging from Bloody Marys to cake.

Food and drink weren’t the only things to enjoy at the event. You could play a massive plinko game with garlic chips, or a mini-golf hole that used a garlic glove instead of a ball. WMSE was broadcasting live from the event.

Admission was free, but dollar tickets needed to be purchased to exchange in varying amounts for the food. The portions were ample and more often than not, tasted really good.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Garlic ice-cream? I’m sorry that I missed that experience – how unique!

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