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Jackson Street Heats Up

Two of the three Jackson St. apartment projects are under construction.

By - Nov 30th, 2012 07:26 pm
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North Jackson St., on Milwaukee’s Lower East Side, has recently been a hotbed of infill development projects, two of which are currently under construction.

Dominion, LLC’s 1509 N. Jackson St. green apartment building has had some preliminary work done on the site.  Work has started on drilling the building’s 18 geothermal wells, which will eventually allow for the project to begin drilling the building’s 21 geothermal wells. The excavation for the footings and foundations will occur after the wells are drilled so the retaining walls will be up for as short a time as possible.  In addition to the geothermal wells the building will incorporate multiple green features, such as its R-38 rated building envelop, a 19.95 KW solar array, and green planters on the roof of the building.

Work continues at the site of the former Joey’s Restaurant, 1601 N. Jackson St. Dermond Property Investments is constructing a 34-unit five-story apartment building at this location.  This project was somewhat controversial in the neighborhood due to its size, and has led the way for increasing density in this area.

Despite 1530 N. Jackson St. having been the first of these three sites to see recent redevelopment interest, the apartment building planned at this address is still not under construction.

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Correction: An earlier version of the story stated there were 21 wells being drilled.  Only 18 wells were being drilled.

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