An ‘Iconic’ Gallery

Postcards from Made in Milwaukee

By - Sep 6th, 2011 02:29 am
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Why yes, that is TCD Culture Editor Tom Strini talking to folks outside our booth at Made in Milwaukee.

The Made in Milwaukee festival in Cathedral Square grounds comes at a time that would seem to mark the end of summer: the kids have gone back to school, nearly all the lakefront festivals (save Indian Summer) and block parties (save St. Martin’s Fair) have run the gamut, and the geese start flying south.

Unfortunately for us at ThirdCoast Digest, the marked change in weather went out like a lion. The morning crowds enjoyed coffee samples, fresh farmers’ market finds, and plenty of sun.  By noon, the goodwill of Zeus ran short and lightning and rain prevailed.

Before the afternoon showers put a slight damper on foot traffic, TCD captured the festivities with our Iconic Milwaukee Photobooth — this year’s theme had participants pose as their favorite Milwaukee statue. There were clear and unintended winners here — the Bronze Fonz, Al McGuire, the tired couple from Grohmann Museum’s rooftop garden sculptures, and the Lake Park lions. We’ve put all of them in a collection of “postcards” in the flickr set seen below or the entire set viewable here.

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    where’s the rainbow?

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