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By - Apr 6th, 2010 11:02 pm
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Pack that club with the Fan-Belt events calendar! (photo by Scott Winklebleck)

Ahoy, promoters and bands and artists! Like the look of our new Fan-Belt layout? Have you taken a moment to check out everything there is to see on our home page? If not, scan down the page a bit and look to the left. See that little calendar labeled “Upcoming Events” placed under that group of ads? That’s the ThirdCoastDigest/Fan-Belt event calendar! It’s an interactive event calendar that YOU can use to submit your next show and get a little free advertising on our site (not to mention that it’s a great way to let us know what we should be covering in town!).

All you need to do in order to submit an event is click on the calendar and be whisked away to the events page, where you’ll see a menu that includes the “submit event” link. Just click that sucker and get to typing.

A few notes:

-If the CAPTCHA anti-spam authentication is annoying to you, you can avoid it by registering for a free account on the site. Just click the link that says “click here to request an account” and follow the instructions from there.

-If you’re submitting a show for your band, group, act, whatever, please use the following format in the title: [List of acts] @ [Venue name]. That way people can see pretty quickly where they have to go to see you play.

-Be sure to select a category, preferably “Night Life/Live Music.”

We want to make Fan-Belt a one-stop shopping site for the Milwaukee music lover looking to make their plans for the night, not just to read about what’s going on. Let’s help Milwaukee get out there and find us!

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