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    Nellie Mckay

    Jeff takes a break from the blog this week and leaves a comic in its stead. This time around: Nellie Mckay's genre-hopper "Home Sweet Mobile Home"

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    Greg Graffin’s Brain

    Bad Religion has never been my favorite band, but Greg Graffin's songwriting keeps me interested -- he's like the Noam Chomsky of punk rock.

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    Swans Dive (Once Again) Into Darkness

    The latest Swans elpee is an intensely dark and yet beautiful collection of songs, unfettered by sentiment or superficiality.

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    The Autumn Blues

    Punk legend Jon Langford’s latest elpee "Old Devils" is all about reflection and, to some extent, resignation. The seasonal timing couldn't be better.

  • Cultural Zero

    Dear Superchunk

    Because not enough people have gushed about how awesome it is that 2010's Album of the Year is by one of the best bands of the 90s.

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    Grinderman Goes After Middle Age With A Baseball Bat

    Getting old and slowly coming undone isn’t so bad when there’s guys like Nick Cave around to share the pain and lend a little perspective.

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    Never Mind The Arcade Fire, Here’s Superchunk!

    Superchunk's new elpee is pure, joyous rock and roll energy from start to finish. Rock and roll this good transcends time, era, scene and trend.

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    Les Savy Fav –It’s A Like Affair

    September marks the end of summer, and the release of TONS of new music. It makes the transition a bit more bearable.

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    Sxip Shirey’s Audio Tour Of New York City

    "Sonic New York" leads the listener from place to place with music as big and diverse as New York City itself.


    I've been getting the "Where's day 9?" question lately, and I know you guys have been patiently waiting for a while, but here's a secret: I'm not fucking sorry.

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    !!! Is All About The Groove

    !!!'s latest elpee "Strange Weather, Isn't It?" comes full force and flexes some pretty strong dance-rock muscle.

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    Mea Culpa

    Sorry, Toadies : Jeff pens an apology for getting his albums mixed up and waxes on FM radio, the music industry and the anxiety that goes with putting your opinion in print.