Molly Swenson
A Dollar Short

A poetic interlude

By - Jul 13th, 2009 10:56 am
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mollyswensonA couple of people have asked me what a cube farm is, and I have decided to answer in my usual airy-fairy, artsy-fartsy, slightly passive-agressive way – with poetry. And not just your standard freeverse or structured poetry – but my son Buddy’s favorite kind: The Acrostic Poem.

C ubby hole
U nderworld
B right lights, barely breathing
E ternity, or six more hours or forever-ever-ever
F lip-flops, or god-foresaken fashion
A ndroid, antacid
R iot-hearted, rat race, replicants
M ission: 1. make money 2. mail 10 more resumes

Fun, hey? Just for kicks, I’ll throw in a second one.

B uzzing behind and beside me
E verlasting otherness of others
E verywhere, on every plane
H inders, hampers, holds back
I ndividuals’ identities
V arigated vast space
E ndlessness – eight minutes till exit

That’s right: a poetry project any 3rd grade teacher would be proud of.  Thank you very much.

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