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Grace for Public Spaces

By - Mar 3rd, 2009 03:11 pm
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Keynote speaker
David Greusel, AIA
architect of two award-winning downtown major-league ballparks (Principal at HOK Venue)
will speak and lead discussions on the built environment, neighborhoods, the discipline of place, and building consensus.

Subsidiary speakers:
Eric Jacobsen, author of Sidewalks in the Kingdom,
will speak on the theme of “Love Thy Neighborhood.”
Jill Florence Lackey, founder of Urban Anthropology, Inc.,
Grace La, of La Dallman Architects,
will each speak on how public space has transformed a community,
and the process by which this was achieved.
This event will be focused on equipping people to work with others to enliven local communities,
with particular attention to the role of physical and social spaces.
There will be discussion of the impact of the built environment on human life, and
gracious ways of preserving what is good and addressing what is broken in our public spaces.

Besides informative and thought-provoking lectures,
significant opportunities will be provided to establish collaborations and develop relationships.

Marquette Alumni Memorial Union, Ballroom E (NE corner of 16th and Wisconsin)
Friday 6 March 8:30 – 5:00 and Saturday 7 March 8:30 – noon

Questions to Joyce Tang Boyland: jtangb@gmail.com, 964-3227
RSVP to Laura.Furey@marquette.edu, 288-6010


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