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Jazz in the Park Carry-In Ban Update

By - Jan 17th, 2009 08:32 am
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The East Town Association has posted a question and answer response to their recent policy change banning carry-ins.  Check it out, and let us know what you think.

At some point someone might want to ask why Westown’s River Rhythms hasn’t announced a similar policy yet.


2 thoughts on “Jazz in the Park Carry-In Ban Update”

  1. MilwaukeeD says:

    They keep saying this about “safety”, sounds like they are scared this could turn into Riversplash. I don’t think anyone has ever felt unsafe at Jazz in the Park.

    Also, they said that there would be affordable options. $5 beer, $6 glass of wine and $17 bottles of wine aren’t what I would consider affordable…that’s just slightly below restaurant/bar prices…no where near carry-in prices.

    While I’m not a wine snob, it definitely sucks for the people who liked to shop for more expensive quality bottles, who will now have maybe 10-15 to choose from.

  2. KeVroN says:
    Again the Onion already covered this almost 10 years ago. And people’s response to this is just as sophomoric.

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