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Friday Photos Friday, 01. August 2008

By - Aug 1st, 2008 12:12 am
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Park Lafayette

Park Lafayette

Park Lafayette – From Crank Daddy’s

Park Lafayette - From Crank Daddy's

Park Lafayette – From Patty Burger

Park Lafayette - From Patty Burger

Park Lafayette – From Kopp’a Farwell Foods

Park Lafayette - From Kopp'a Farwell Foods

Park Lafayette – Rises Above the City

Park Lafayette - Rises Above the City
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2 thoughts on “Friday Photos Friday, 01. August 2008”

  1. SouthLoopChi says:

    I hope the residents of Milwaukee have done their homework about Warren Barr before buying a home at the Park Lafayette. He has left a trail of tears and foreclosures in Chicago in condos he constructed under another LLC. Barr has a history of cutting significant corners and passing along the problems (water infiltration, shoddily constructed balconies) to the residents. One building needs over 6 million dollars of repair work to address a water infiltration problem. Is Barr paying for it? He is forcing residents to do so and by doing this, forcing many into foreclosure.

    Maidenberg, M. (2008, July 16). Big bills hit Prairie Avenue tower residents. http://www.chicagojournal.com/main.asp?SectionID=1&SubSectionID=60&ArticleID=5416&TM=43189.16

  2. Dave Reid says:

    @SouthLoopChi> Thanks for the info I’ll have to look into it. It would be a shame as Park Lafayette appears to be a great addition to our skyline and the way it has been presented here in Milwaukee has been very professional.

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