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Alderman D’Amato’s Parting Gift to Milwaukee

By - Apr 10th, 2008 05:56 pm
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City of Milwaukee essentially came to end on Wednesday April 9th, 2008. Despite what some residents of the 3rd district may believe this is a significant loss for the City of Milwaukee. Over the years Alderman Michael D’Amato has had conflicts with UWM students and certain residents groups over specific issues but more importantly he pushed for Smart Growth initiatives, encouraged development, was key in the development of new student housing options for UWM, worked to bring Manpower to downtown Milwaukee, and most importantly improved the city as a whole. At his last ever Common Council meeting Alderman D’Amato, along with Alderman Tony Zielinski and Alderman Bob Bauman, entered one more resolution that showed his strong support for the City of Milwaukee. This resolution, his last gift to the City of Milwaukee, encouraged UWM to expand within the City of Milwaukee. It is still unknown what is next for Alderman D’Amato but clearly his leadership on the Council and desire to grow Milwaukee will be missed.

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