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City Plan Commission Approves Zoning for Columbia St. Mary’s

By - Jan 8th, 2008 06:37 am
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Resolution 060259 approved the Detailed Planned Development known as Columbia St. Mary’s Prospect East, Phase 1 which will move on to ZND for further approval.

The resolution includes the plans for a 572 stall parking garage to support the Water Tower Medical Commons facility. Although it was approved it was done so with the understanding that before the Common Council gives final approval, issues dealing with the side facing Terrace St. will need to be resolved with the neighborhood. Additionally it included mention of three lots near the structure and the future plans to develop those lots as residential housing.

A second resolution of interest was Alderman Mike D’Amato‘s request for a change in zoning from clean shaved to rough bearded. All kidding aside Alderman D’Amato appears to be looking forward to leaving public life in the near future.

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One thought on “City Plan Commission Approves Zoning for Columbia St. Mary’s”

  1. artis says:

    where is a city plan published here?

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