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Wisconsin drops to 38th in job growth, trailing all neighboring states

Democrats continue to work on restoring economic opportunity for Wisconsin

By - Mar 19th, 2015 11:43 am

MADISON – New figures released today by the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics show Wisconsin has fallen into a tie for 38th in private-sector job growth over the past year, trailing Midwest states including Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan, Iowa, Indiana and Ohio. These numbers come from the Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages (QCEW).

By the same measure, Wisconsin falls to 40th when removing the rounding. Wisconsin’s private-sector job growth rate of 1.16 percent was just half the national rate of 2.3 percent.

In response, Assembly Democratic Leader Peter Barca (D-Kenosha) released the following statement:

“Even with Wisconsin continually lagging behind in job and wage growth on their watch, Republicans continue to focus their legislative efforts on divisive social issues and partisan power grabs instead of addressing the economic crisis they’ve created. And Governor Walker’s budget will only make things worse for middle-class families and working people across our state.

“Assembly Democrats have put forward an Economic Opportunity Agenda for the people of Wisconsin. Our first ‘15 Bills for 2015’ would ensure better opportunities for Wisconsin families and workers and make us more competitive in a global economy by helping to create good-paying jobs, increasing wages across the state and connecting workers with available jobs by closing the skills gap.

“Our citizens are clamoring for a bold, vibrant economic agenda that will put Wisconsin back on the right track. It’s time for Republicans to finally work with us on making that happen – no more wasting time on partisan power grabs and divisive social issues and no more forcing a harmful, anti-middle-class agenda on the people of Wisconsin.”

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One thought on “Wisconsin drops to 38th in job growth, trailing all neighboring states”

  1. Terry Ott says:

    Republicans will (1) make excuses, (2) try to belittle the data and apply their own spin to it, (3) blame the “hangover effect” from Gov Doyle’s era, and (4) say that “it takes time”.

    Meanwhile, Democrats will fall short of offering dynamic and “proven leader” candidates to advocate different approaches and pragmatic strategies that could resonate with the Joe and Joan Sixpacks.

    In the process, by weak challenges to Walker (ill-advised recall, Barrett, Burke — really, Mary Burke?) and not advancing candidates we can enthusiastically support, Democrats will adorn Walker with such an appearance of invincibility that he will become a candidate for POTUS.

    Dumb and dumber.

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