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What People Are Saying About the Estabrook Dam: “Worthless,” “A Waste of Money,” “I Want the Dam Gone”

Here’s a look at what community members are telling County Executive Abele about the Estabrook Dam.

By - Oct 25th, 2016 11:15 am
Estabrook Dam

Estabrook Dam

MILWAUKEE – As both the Milwaukee Common Council and the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District take action to move forward on a proposal to remove the Estabrook Dam, here’s a look at what community members are telling County Executive Chris Abele about the Estabrook Dam.

About the City/County/MMSD Proposal to Remove the Dam:

“Please, please take down the Lincoln Park/Glendale dam on the Milwaukee River. When the North Avenue dam was removed, the flow of water improved on the river and the wildlife reappeared in a short time.” – Glendale resident.

“Thank you for being part of the creative solution for the long-running Estabrook dam issue. I fully support the idea of MMSD removing the dam and believe this is the environmentally and fiscally responsible thing to do.” – Milwaukee County resident.

“Since moving to our Glendale home in 2010 we have worked hard to help people inside and outside of our immediate community understand the many benefits of removing the Estabrook Dam, and today it felt like our voices were supported.” – Glendale residents.

“I was thrilled to read about your solution to the ongoing discussion of the dam and hope that your plan can be executed quickly.” – Milwaukee County resident.

Estabrook Impact on County Budget:

“I suggest not spending money on Estabrook Dam project—it’s a waste of money. If so called home owners want to change this let them pay for it themselves instead of it affecting the system for many more people—and the way it was passed by the County Board stinks to high heaven.”

“I came here because I’m really irritated with the whole Estabrook dam situation. Political moves have been made – it is fiscally ridiculous and irresponsible. I live on the river and my neighbors and I want the dam gone. I appreciate Abele’s standing strong against repairing it.”

“I’ve been watching the Estabrook Dam controversy carefully. Keeping the dam will only benefit a few, but many more will suffer. More than the decisions themselves, I’m concerned with how decisions are made.”

“The dysfunctional behavior of the County Board regarding the Estabrook dam issue is a negative. Removing the dam would improve the health of the river.”

“It sounds like the dam is worthless and costing money.”

“I’m a property owner on the part of the river impacted by the dam. It doesn’t prevent flooding, but rather increases it. Per the floodplain manager, some properties will be removed. The dam benefits the small group of people who use the area for motor boating. They haven’t been able to since around 2009 when the gates were ordered open. My house flooded prior to that, because the gates were not opened quickly enough. Recently, since the opening of the dam, there was a higher water event, and my house did not flood. There are four lawsuits pending, and with one, I would be assessed for dam upkeep. The dam should be removed to save county money.”

“The river/lake would be healthier if we took down the Estabrook dam. Fisheries would be restored. I take issue with those with property by the dam, who make everyone else pay. The dam represents bad economics. It wastes money and generates poor power.”

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4 thoughts on “What People Are Saying About the Estabrook Dam: “Worthless,” “A Waste of Money,” “I Want the Dam Gone””

  1. Milwaukee Native says:

    These comments represent only the views of those who favor removing the dam.

    This concerns me not because I support keeping the dam but because I support equitable treatment of public comments. Elected officials may choose to share correspondence about an issue. However, it seems inappropriate to drown out differing views by only publicizing one viewpoint (unless the executive has not received a single comment from residents who favor keeping the dam). Assuming such comments are tallied, a statement could note respective numbers while sampling diverse views.

    Mr. Abele has made his position clear about the dam. However, the role of public forums and community engagement, paid for by taxpayers, is to provide platforms for the multiplicity of views. Using a political office to broadcast only citizen views that confirm an official’s viewpoint misuses a bully pulpit.

    Obviously, advocacy organizations have no obligation to share comments from those who do not share their views, regardless of how much such correspondence they receive.

  2. Milwaukee Resident says:

    A list of quotes, with no attribution, at the best are clearly from misinformed people, or are just made up by Abele himself. Making up quotes like this to try to support a underhanded bypass of the common council is gutter politics at best.

    Removing a dam that until it was left open held up a lake that has always been there does not return the water way to its natural state. This dam was put in place to reduce flooding caused by the old rock shelf. Removing it will not change the amount of flooding this area sees, there is no science that supports his plan.

    MMSD just wants to remove the dam so they can continue to dump waste into the river and it will just flow out to the lake and not pool up. They are trying to cover their own backside instead of fixing the real issues.

  3. Martin says:

    None of these views were expressed at the meeting I attended where they decided not to vote on this rezoning in fact the only thing Express worse why are we here this is not a rezoning issue.

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