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Statements from Democratic Party of Wisconsin Delegates on Hillary Clinton Accepting the Democratic Nomination for President

"Hillary Clinton will lead the charge from the White House to win social, economic and racial justice for all working families from and we are with her," said Peter Rickman, Bernie Sanders Delegate

By - Jul 29th, 2016 08:02 am
Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

MADISON – Democratic Party of Wisconsin delegates released the following statements regarding Hillary Clinton‘s formal acceptance of the Democratic nomination for president and the conclusion of our national convention:

“We are stronger together, as a nation and as a Democratic Party of Bernie and Hillary supporters alike. When we nominated Hillary Clinton to be the next President of the United States, she embraced us Sanders supporters and she embraced our cause. Hillary Clinton will lead the charge from the White House to win social, economic and racial justice for all working families from and we are with her.” – Peter Rickman, Bernie Sanders Delegate, Milwaukee

“What has always bound us together as Democrats is the unbreakable vision we have of a better future for everyone, not just those at the top. We are ready to put that vision to work with Hillary Clinton as our next President of the United States. She has always, and will always fight for a better tomorrow, and we are ready to help her in that fight.” – Rep. Dana Wachs, Hillary Clinton Delegate, Eau Claire

“The vast majority of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton supporters are moving forward together to elect a president who represents our shared, Democratic values. I know Hillary Clinton will fight to give all Americans a fair shot to get ahead, and I look forward to working with my friends and neighbors to elect her as our next president.” – Rep. Eric Genrich, Bernie Sanders Delegate, Green Bay

“The Democratic Party has shown we are ready to move forward together and are united behind Hillary Clinton. We will do everything we can to ensure she is elected the next President of the United States so we can continue to build upon the progress of the last eight years.” – Mary Ginnebaugh, Hillary Clinton Delegate, Green Bay 

“Last night, with Hillary Clinton accepting the nomination to be our presidential candidate, we move forward together to ensure hatred and anger do not divide us. We have always known love trumps hate, and will we ride that spirit to victory in November.” – Marcelia Nicholson, Bernie Sanders Delegate, Milwaukee

“What every Democrat understands is this election is unlike any other and we cannot stand idly buy and watch ourselves be divided by anger and hate. We are united behind Hillary Clinton to ensure that we tear down the walls of division and build up the bridges of inclusion.” – Melissa Schroeder, Hillary Clinton Delegate, Merrill

“Our unity as Democrats stems from a deep love of country, and a passion to build a better future for everyone – Hillary Clinton shares that will all of us. She will work tirelessly to build the roads and bridges of inclusion that strengthen our families and communities and ensure no one is left behind.” – Mahlon Mitchell, Bernie Sanders Delegate, Fitchburg

“Our convention showed that above all else, what binds Democrats isn’t the name of our party, it’s what we believe in as Americans – that everyone deserves to be treated with equality respect, and that the only we way make progress is together, not divided. Hillary Clinton shares that vision, and she will work tirelessly to make a better America where everyone has a fair shot to get ahead. Her leadership inspires us to work with one another to help build the country we all want.” – Ryan Greendeer, Hillary Clinton Delegate, Black River Falls

This election is bigger than Democrats or Republicans – it’s about who we are as a country and what we stand for. Our convention showed Hillary Clinton and the principles that unite us are based on hope, innovation, and love. We will not let the forces of hatred and anger tear us apart and together we  fight for a progressive agenda that moves us forward together.” – Tracey Sperko, Bernie Sanders Delegate, Wauwatosa

“There is no one better to keep us moving forward together and fight the politics of division than Hillary Clinton, and we must do everything we can to make her the 45th President of the United States. Secretary Clinton has always worked to bring people together. I know she will do the same when we elect her the next President of the United States.” Robert Hansen, Bernie Sanders Delegate, Milwaukee

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