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Ron Johnson Needs To Answer On Badger Pledge

After dodging for one week Wisconsin deserves an answer from Senator Johnson

By - Jun 19th, 2015 12:37 pm

MADISON — It’s been an entire week since Russ Feingold proposed a bipartisan solution to keep third party dark money from flooding Wisconsin, and allow Wisconsin’s Senate election to focus on issues. The Badger Pledge is a tried and true proposal. All that’s required to keep tens of millions in dark money attack ads from running is Ron Johnson‘s signature.

Johnson has offered nothing but excuses in an attempt to avoid the Badger Pledge and even refused outright to give a simple yes or no answer to signing the Badger Pledge.

“The only thing Wisconsin needs to have a Senate race about issues, not attack ads, is Ron Johnson’s signature on the Badger Pledge. It’s a simple, two-page proposal that’s proven to work, and Ron Johnson can’t come up with an answer after a full week?” said Russ for Wisconsin campaign manager Tom Russell.

Instead of giving Wisconsin an answer, Johnson attended a fundraiser on Monday hosted by a super PAC CEO and billionaires who bankroll super PACs set to swamp Wisconsin with ads on his behalf.

“If Ron Johnson likes the current system of independent attack ads, he should just come out and say it,” said Tom Russell. “But if he wants to have an election that’s more focused on issues and the people of Wisconsin, he should join us in signing the pledge.”

The Badger Pledge has already drawn support from independent watchdog groups Public Citizen and Wisconsin Common Cause.

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3 thoughts on “Ron Johnson Needs To Answer On Badger Pledge”

  1. Dave Moskol says:

    I am a Democrat who has always voted for Feingold, and would have never considered voting for Ron Johnson-until now. However, Russ needs to respond to the questions recently raised about whether Progressives United was principally a way to financially support him and his team between elections rather than a vehicle to help fund progressive candidates as Russ portrayed it. As someone who is biased in favor of Russ, every time I read the headline “Ron Johnson Needs to Answer on Badger Pledge” I see Russ’ HYPOCRISY.

  2. TF says:

    Honestly, so what if it did support Feingold between elections? Isn’t that better than flooding other races with third-party money?

  3. knightofmars says:

    I’ll admit outright I’m a fan of Russ but I’m also missing the outrage here. If I worked for a PAC for 3 years I’d want to get paid too. The numbers being discussed ($291,112, $169,403, $164,389) when divided by the time put in (3 years) come out to ($97,037, $56,467, $54,796) which one might expect of a yearly salary. Especially if you have years of experience running federal level campaigns (7+ yrs, 18 yrs, veteran). And of course those salaries are going to be derived from donations if the organization is a non-profit. Where’s the hypocrisy?

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