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Rep. Mark Spreitzer pushes for meaningful college affordability measures

“Democrats are proposing meaningful assistance and relief to Wisconsinites who have borrowed to fund their education and have a desire to pursue their dreams.”

By - Feb 17th, 2016 04:46 pm

MADISON- Yesterday, the Wisconsin State Assembly passed a co-called “college affordability package” that included meager efforts to help college students and those struggling with student debt. Rep. Mark Spreitzer (D-Beloit) spoke out against the package:

“With over 800,000 people in Wisconsin carrying student loan debt totaling in the billions, we need to be offering genuine solutions to help these folks,” Rep. Spreitzer said. “Wisconsin families struggling to climb out of student debt need real relief, and people looking to enter school need to know that higher education is accessible and affordable. The Republican package entirely lacked in these respects.”

Assembly Democrats offered a variety of amendments to the Republican bills that would have made real progress on both sides of the student loan debt problem. One Democratic proposal would have allowed for refinancing of student loans at lower interest rates to help those who already have gone through college and need help. Another would increase the amount of money available for grants to resident students enrolled in a University of Wisconsin school, helping making college more affordable on the front end. Yet another would substantially increase the amount of money available for grants to students attending technical colleges in Wisconsin. Republicans rejected every single Democratic proposal.

“Democrats are proposing meaningful assistance and relief to Wisconsinites who have borrowed to fund their education and have a desire to pursue their dreams,” Rep. Spreitzer added. “We cannot accept campaign-year solutions to our student debt crisis that merely nibble at the edges. We must do better by our friends and neighbors.”

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3 thoughts on “Rep. Mark Spreitzer pushes for meaningful college affordability measures”

  1. I stand with Walker says:

    You want to help people looking for college money? How about stopping the raise in pay for professors who already make more than most people? How about stopping the yearly increase in tuition with no better return for the money for the students? How about using the millions in the “slush fund” found in the UW coffers to help lower tuition? And why not try telling student in high school, that they may not be able to afford to go to colleges with that cost $20,000 a semester if they only have a family income of $60,000 a year? Try using some common sense instead of crying foul.

  2. Jake formerly of the LP says:

    So Mr. “I stand with Walker” doesn’t think someone with more education and expertise than the average dope shouldn’t be paid more? Or that the UW System shouldn’t compete for top talent and pay accordingly? Or that the UW System shouldn’t have kept adequate reserves in case their funding was cut, LIKE A GOOD BUSINESS DOES? How socialist of you.

    Turning the UW System to a Wal-Mart model isn’t working, kid. I know you’re not paid to admit these things, but it doesn’t make it less true.

  3. I stand with Walker says:

    Jake, nice try. But let’s look at facts: the largest budget increase for UW systems is employee salaries. Please explain to me why we are paying professors more money who use TAs to teach their classes? Ask a student if the last time they’ve seen their professor when they have a Teaching Assistant run the class? And if they truly use the reserves for what you say, prove this please.

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