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O’Donnell Task Force Proposal: Months Late and Millions Short

Supervisor Alexander is Critical of Duplicative Task Force Proposal

By - Jan 13th, 2015 01:45 pm

Milwaukee County Supervisor Deanna Alexander is critical of a proposal to create a second O’Donnell Park task force—dissenting Supervisors’ proposal to move forward—after their vote to ignore the recommendations of the last O’Donnell Park work group and shun a purchase offer from Northwestern Mutual that would have helped the county move toward long-term stability.

“Dissenting Supervisors’ plan to develop a brand new task force is duplicative and passes responsibility to others who cannot be held accountable to the public,” she said.

“A work group of legal, financial and real estate experts already recommended moving forward with a sale and supporters of the sale outnumbered naysayers by nearly two-to-one at the County Board’s one major public hearing on the issue.  But Supervisors voting to reject the offer used debate time to tout their own grand ideas,” she continued.

“When Northwestern Mutual described the rejection vote as a “missed opportunity,” and said it was “incumbent on the County Board to find solutions to the long-overdue deferred maintenance issues at O’Donnell… and make good on this morning’s dialogue,” I believe the company was thoughtfully expecting the elected officials to solve the problem – not to task it off on special interest groups and other appointees that have no accountability to the public.

“I challenge the dissenting Supervisors to take ownership of their rejection votes and work, themselves, on solving O’Donnell Park’s problems, instead of designating a duplicative task force.”

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