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Instead of trying to fix problems, Gov. Walker joins fellow Republicans in trying to fix elections

Governor signs bills that will severely restrict voting rights

By - Mar 27th, 2014 03:32 pm

MADISON – Today Gov. Walker signed into law several bills designed to undermine people’s constitutional right to vote.

The bills the governor signed will:

  • Severely limit early voting, including reducing the number of hours and days available to vote early
  • Make it more difficult for nursing home residents to vote
  • Make it easier to intimidate voters at the polls
  • Move up the date for when lobbyists can start making campaign contributions

In response, Assembly Democratic Leader Peter Barca (D-Kenosha) released the following statement:

“Rather than working to create jobs, improve our economy or strengthen our middle class, Gov. Walker’s top priority today was to make it much more difficult for people to vote. And instead of doing the right thing and outright rejecting strict new limits on early voting, the governor took a disgraceful bill and made it simply terrible. It’s as if the governor’s party took a wrecking ball to the house of democracy and the governor claimed he made it better by tying a pink ribbon on the porch.

“While Wisconsin is ranked 35th in the nation in job growth, Republicans are focused on an anti-democracy agenda that will not create a single job or improve our economy. It’s time Republicans start fixing problems and stop fixing elections.”

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State Rep. Peter Barca

Barca, Lassa Demand that WEDC Board Discuss Eaton Clawback, Other Outsourcing Issues

The latest WKOW report found that Eaton Corporation is sending another 83 jobs from its Pewaukee facility to Mexico.

State Rep. Peter Barca
State Rep. Peter Barca

Rep. Barca Statement on Dignitary Protection Unit Overtime Ruling

“Like so many people in Wisconsin, it appears that these hardworking law enforcement officers have been thrown under Gov. Walker’s campaign bus.”

State Rep. Peter Barca

Rep. Barca Statement on Retirement of WEDC CEO Reed Hall

WEDC Needs Major Leadership and Structural Changes

State Rep. Peter Barca

Audit: GAB Doing Its Job as Non-Partisan Government Watchdog

“Today’s audit shows that the Government Accountability Board is conducting its investigations in an appropriate way.”

State Rep. Peter Barca

WEDC Must Act More Quickly to Put in Place Stronger Taxpayer Safeguards

Awards Committee moves forward Rep. Barca and Sen. Lassa’s proposal to require background checks prior to awarding taxpayer assistance.

State Rep. Peter Barca

Rep. Barca Urges WEDC to Immediately Adopt Stronger Taxpayer Safeguards

Awards Committee Will Vote Monday on Rep. Barca Proposal to Require Legal Check Prior to Awarding Taxpayer Assistance

State Rep. Peter Barca

Rep. Barca Statement on Passage of Bucks Arena Deal

My goal was to get the best deal possible for workers and taxpayers of Wisconsin – and I believe this deal does that.

State Rep. Peter Barca

Rep. Barca Proposes Steps to Address Jobs Agency Shortfalls

Governor Departs as Chairman of Distressed WEDC to Focus on Presidential Run

State Rep. Peter Barca

Rep. Barca Statement on Budget Signing

"... this budget is not a budget for the people of Wisconsin."

State Rep. Peter Barca

Republicans “Double Down” on their Assault on Open Government

“Republicans want to turn our nonpartisan government watchdog into a partisan lapdog.”

State Rep. Peter Barca

Rep. Barca Statement on Passage of Fast-Tracked 20-Week Abortion Ban

“I was extremely surprised, in the midst of so much litigation across the country on this issue, that the Republicans would pass a 20-week abortion bill.”

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