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Governor Walker wants to raise taxes on gasoline—say it ain’t so

Statement from Alderman Robert Bauman October 16, 2014

By - Oct 16th, 2014 03:20 pm

Yes that’s right, the governor, who has built his political career on opposition to new or increased taxes, wants to impose a sales tax on gasoline in order to raise new revenue for the state highway trust fund, according to comments he made to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial board. In fact, the highway trust fund has been engaging in major deficit spending for several years under Governor Walker.

In the 2013-15 biennial budget, the state highway trust fund had to borrow $991 million, and the state had to transfer $315 million of state general purpose revenue generated by income and sales taxes to the state highway trust fund to fill a growing deficit. That is borrowed money that will saddle future generations and general purpose revenue that could be used to fund schools.

Instead of proposing less highway spending, the governor wants to raise taxes. Sounds exactly like the “tax and spend polices” the governor has decried throughout his political career. It appears that the governor cannot live within his means.

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Ald. Bob Bauman

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Ald. Bob Bauman

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One thought on “Governor Walker wants to raise taxes on gasoline—say it ain’t so”

  1. Keith Prochnow says:

    The Guv still owes the concrete lobby, and he if he has to reach into drivers’ pockets to pay them back for all their support, well, by gum, he’ll do it! That’s just the kind of guy he is! Besides, he’s gonna want to call upon the roadbuilders for support again in a year when he’s running for the really big prize (assuming he wins next month). He’s paying it forward!

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