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Game of musical chairs further highlights scandal

Statement from Rep. Barca on latest developments in United Sportsmen fiasco

By - Oct 3rd, 2013 03:22 pm

MADISON – Assembly Democratic Leader Peter Barca released the following statement today after Gov. Walker appointed Republican Rep. Jeff Stone to replace former Republican Majority Leader Scott Suder at the Public Service Commission in the wake of the United Sportsmen scandal:

“The fact that the Republicans are engaged in a game of musical chairs indicates they know there are serious problems with the $500,000 grant Republicans directed to political allies under the guise of a hunting education grant and further proves Republicans knew that their budget measure would fleece taxpayers.

“This does not resolve the many questions swirling around the broad, scandalous betrayal of hunters and taxpayers. And this should be a huge red flag to the public and hunters that there is very likely far more fire behind all this smoke.

“A recently revealed letter proves a broad coalition of 18 Republican legislators – and not just Majority Leader Suder – were lobbying to direct that grant to United Sportsmen, which had no hunter training experience, but had been active in political campaigns and lobbied in favor of a strip mine.

“It is well past time that Republican lawmakers and the Gov. Walker, who handcrafted a highly technical veto for United Sportsmen, answer questions.

“The GOP must answer questions, as the public deserves to know who else was involved and how much they knew. We must ensure that this type of shady giveaway, which was designed by Republicans to go on in perpetuity, never happens again.”

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