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County Executive Chris Abele Announces Major Democratic Endorsements

Democratic Party Leaders Herb Kohl, Jim Doyle and Mary Burke stand with Abele

By - Mar 30th, 2016 05:44 am

MILWAUKEE – Chris Abele, running for re-election for Milwaukee County Executive, today announced the support of three of the most popular figures within the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. Former United States Senator Herb Kohl, former Governor Jim Doyle, and 2014 Democratic nominee for Governor Mary Burke, the only woman in Wisconsin history to win a major party nomination for that office, are well known champions for progressive values and the Milwaukee region.

In announcing their support, the leading Democrats released the following statements:

“County Executive Chris Abele’s stewardship of Milwaukee County over the last five years merits another term.  Chris demonstrates every day that when people work together in good faith, great things are possible for our community.”

– US Senator Herb Kohl

“Chris Abele has been my long time friend and I endorse his reelection.  I appreciate the difficult task he has had to clean up the mess handed him by his predecessor.  He has been a champion of human rights and has committed himself to providing economic opportunity for all.”

– Governor Jim Doyle

“Milwaukee residents need access to more good-paying jobs and economic opportunity. Chris Abele knows this, and while lots of people talk about this issue, Chris is doing much more than talk.  From Park East to UpLift MKE the County has played a central role in creating jobs under Chris’s leadership because he focuses on getting results, and not the politics. I am proud to support his re-election.”

– Gubernatorial Nominee Mary Burke

County Executive Chris Abele reacted to the support of leading Democrats with the following statement:

“It is incredibly humbling to have the support of leaders from my party who have proudly fought for Milwaukee for years,” said Abele. “I am inspired by and proud to call friends these leaders who have given so much of themselves in their efforts to improve Milwaukee.”

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3 thoughts on “County Executive Chris Abele Announces Major Democratic Endorsements”

  1. Pat Small says:

    Well, it’s clear that the “UBER-RICH-AND-THEIR-HEIRS CLUB” are all cut from the same printed linen (money).

    It’s been a huge mistake (for more than a generation) that the Wisconsin Democratic Party nominated and relied on out-of-touch “philanthropists” to represent the interests of the common people. They have weakly retreated from the ideals and good-government traditions of Wisconsin’s proud Democratic-Socialist and New Deal heritage. And now look where it’s gotten us with the misanthropic wannabe-dictator Abele. He never bothers to consult anyone about his giveaway deals, least of all the public.

    On the positive side, this unholy triad is now politically irrelevant.

    Senator Herb Kohl (who as Wisconsin’s senator was virtually invisible) surely felt obliged to repay Abele after Abele handed over hundreds of millions of LOCAL taxpayer dollars for a new Bucks Arena. Kohl, who NEVER PAID RENT at the Bradley Center, should have financed the whole new arena with the HALF-BILLION DOLLAR windfall he received from the hedge-funding billionaires who bought the Bucks. Just what is the octogenarian Kohl GOING TO DO with those millions? Of course, that’s none of our business. But, really, it is. His arrangement with the Bradley Center was unseemly from the start.

    Trek Bike heiress, and pathetic 2014 guv candidate, Mary Burke has said she has no further political ambitions, Thank goodness. So she has nothing to lose. (Mouthy Mike Tate, who mucked up Burke’s and several other statewide campaigns, is now the “brains” behind Abele’s reelection campaign,).

    Weak-tea ex-guv Doyle is now a shill lawyer for a major Wisconsin law firm, again with nothing to lose.

    Those with everything to lose are Milwaukee County’s beleaguered citizens–as Abele continues to dismantle and give away the public store.

    May god have mercy on us!

  2. judith velleman says:

    I am disgusted with Milwaukee politics. Who says money does not buy politics. Shame on Mary Burke, Senator Kohl and Gov. Doyle. Shame on you Abele. Judith M Velleman

  3. David Ciepluch says:

    Abele – you are a huge disappointment to true progressive democratic processes. During your years in public service you have been totally absent and have not sought out the advice and opinions of regular citizens on issues that affect them the most. The main endorsement that counts is on Tuesday from the voters and I do hope after all your trashy lying misleading ads, that Chris Larson comes out on top in votes. Abele has no business in service of citizens and has been an utter failure.

    Thanks Pat Small for the great comments.

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