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Comey’s Testimony Emphasizes Trump’s Ongoing Misconduct

In response to former FBI Director James Comey's testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee, Congresswoman Gwen Moore (WI-04) released the following statement

By - Jun 8th, 2017 05:00 pm

“Today, James Comey was able to shed light on the president’s deception while highlighting the absence of credibility from this White House. However, his testimony — albeit candid and informative — leaves my constituents with a host of unanswered questions regarding both President Trump’s campaign and the Trump administration’s ties to Russia.

“As dark clouds continue to cast shadows on the Trump Administration, I find myself taken aback by the GOP’s outright refusal to hold the president accountable for his misconduct. Such an abdication of leadership by Speaker Paul Ryan and his Republican colleagues only serves to compound the damage President Trump has inflicted on our democracy and further erodes our standing in the global community.

“The demands of constituents across America for transparency and accountability have been ignored by this White House. Now, more than ever, our country needs an outside independent commission to determine the full extent of Russia’s interference in our democratic process. Make no mistake: Our national security hangs in the balance.”

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2 thoughts on “Comey’s Testimony Emphasizes Trump’s Ongoing Misconduct”

  1. Jason Troll says:

    Actually, Trump was right Comey was a nut job.

  2. Vincent Hanna says:

    Yes clearly Comey is the problem not Trump. The man who says no one has ever been treated more unfairly than him and Tweets incessantly like a petulant child isn’t the problem, Comey is. The man who demanded loyalty from the head of the FBI and told him to drop an investigation isn’t the problem, Comey is. You are so wise TJ.

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