Newaukeean of the Week

  • NEWaukeean of the Week

    Lacey Van Syckle

    Lacey Van Syckle. Photo courtesy of NEWaukee.

    "Milwaukee has something for everyone."

  • NEWaukeean of the Week

    Ben McCarville

    Ben McCarville. Photo courtesy of NEWaukee.

    "I was drawn back to Milwaukee because the city had (and still has) so much potential."

  • NEWaukeean of the Week

    Joe Zepecki

    Joe Zepecki. Photo courtesy of NEWaukee.

    "The fact that we are still one of the most racially segregated cities in the US has to change..."

  • NEWaukeean of the Week

    Sarah Banach

    Sarah Banach. Photo courtesy of NEWaukee.

    "Not only are Milwaukeeans your classic Midwesterns, sincere and genuine people, we are all so passionate about things we love."

  • NEWaukeean of the Week

    Scottie Lee Meyers

    Scottie Lee Meyers. Photo courtesy of NEWaukee.

    "There’s a new generation of leaders here who are reverent about the past and devoted to the future."

  • NEWaukeean of the Week

    Michael Adam

    Michael Adam. Photo courtesy of NEWaukee.

    "This city is on the rise where many others have peaked!"

  • NEWaukeean of the Week

    Tony Giron

    Tony Giron. Photo courtesy of NEWaukee.

    "Milwaukee has such grand potential to become a leading bike friendly city. "

  • NEWaukeean of the Week

    Audra O’Connell

    Audra O’Connell

    "I love all the pride everyone seems to have in their heritage."

  • NEWaukeean of the Week

    Becky Owens

    Becky Owens. Photo courtesy of NEWaukee.

    "Milwaukee has the perks of a big city without the drama."

  • NEWaukeean of the Week

    Brandis Ohlsson

    Brandis Ohlsson. Photo courtesy of NEWaukee.

    "It feels like Milwaukee is about to blow up in a really amazing way."

  • NEWaukeean of the Week

    Marcus Landry

    Marcus Landry. Photo courtesy of NEWaukee.

    "I see Milwaukee being one of the top destinations in the United States."

  • NEWaukeean of the Week

    Dana Johnson

    Dana Johnson. Photo courtesy of NEWaukee.

    "I think Milwaukee is a fabulous place to work and do business."