Newaukeean of the Week

  • NEWaukeean of the Week

    Becky Owens

    Becky Owens. Photo courtesy of NEWaukee.

    "Milwaukee has the perks of a big city without the drama."

  • NEWaukeean of the Week

    Brandis Ohlsson

    Brandis Ohlsson. Photo courtesy of NEWaukee.

    "It feels like Milwaukee is about to blow up in a really amazing way."

  • NEWaukeean of the Week

    Marcus Landry

    Marcus Landry. Photo courtesy of NEWaukee.

    "I see Milwaukee being one of the top destinations in the United States."

  • NEWaukeean of the Week

    Dana Johnson

    Dana Johnson. Photo courtesy of NEWaukee.

    "I think Milwaukee is a fabulous place to work and do business."

  • NEWaukeean of the Week

    Rachael Wade

    Rachael Wade. Photo courtesy of NEWaukee.

    "I was totally surprised at how well-defined and busy Milwaukee’s downtown is set up."

  • NEWaukeean of the Week

    Heather Pechachek

    Heather Pechachek. Photo courtesy of NEWaukee.

    "In five years I see Milwaukee as a city that other cities envy."

  • NEWaukeean of the Week

    Pat McQuillan

    Pat McQuillan. Photo courtesy of NEWaukee.

    "Milwaukee will support you if you take the chance to open a business and chase your dream."

  • NEWaukeean of the Week

    Sara Daleiden

    Sara Daleiden. Photo courtesy of NEWaukee.

    "I adore the history of and ongoing investment in public space in this city."

  • NEWaukeean of the Week

    Jonathan Newby

    Jonathan Newby. Photo courtesy of NEWaukee.

    "I feel like Milwaukee is a city on the cusp of something great, that just needs a push."

  • NEWaukeean of the Week

    Ryan Tretow

    Ryan Tretow. Photo courtesy of NEWaukee.

    "Milwaukee is too risk averse."

  • NEWaukeean of the Week

    Chris Widmayer

    Chris Widmayer

    "Milwaukee provides a very fun and enjoyable social scene."

  • NEWaukeean of the Week

    Leana Grimm

    Leana Grimm. Photo courtesy of NEWaukee.

    "We have this humble innocence in our city that makes it one of a kind."