Newaukeean of the Week

  • NEWaukeean of the Week

    Ross Terrell

    Ross Terrell. Photo courtesy of NEWaukee.

    "My biggest hope for this city is that it finds ways to continue to thrive."

  • NEWaukeean of the Week

    Jason Rae

    Jason Rae

    "My biggest hope is that we continue to see strong, young leaders rise up and make their voice heard and get involved in the political process."

  • NEWaukeean of the Week

    Vicki Pulliman

    Vicki Pulliman. Photo courtesy of NEWaukee.

    "This city is really a diamond that I feel has yet to be unearthed…"

  • NEWaukeean of the Week

    Andrea Klaus

    Andrea Klaus. Photo courtesy of NEWaukee.

    "Summers in Milwaukee are the best."

  • NEWaukeean of the Week

    Kat Kroll

    Kat Kroll. Photo courtesy of NEWaukee.

    "I love that Milwaukee is a 'big' city with small city vibes."

  • NEWaukeean of the Week

    Kate McGovern

    Kate McGovern. Photo courtesy of NEWaukee.

    "My favorite thing about Milwaukee is the lake. It might as well be an ocean."

  • NEWaukeean of the Week

    Raina Johnson

    Raina Johnson. Photo courtesy of NEWaukee.

    "I love my neighborhood for the diversity and access to different parts of the city. "

  • NEWaukeean of the Week

    Erik Richter

    Erik Richter. Photo courtesy of NEWaukee.

    "I absolutely love that Milwaukee's hidden gems can be seen through Doors Open."

  • NEWaukeean of the Week

    Erin Umhoefer

    Erin Umhoefer. Photo courtesy of NEWaukee.

    "Milwaukee has such a great bike community..."

  • NEWaukeean of the Week

    James B. Methu

    James Methu. Photo from Facebook.

    "I see our downtown momentum continuing and making its way to neighborhoods..."

  • NEWaukeean of the Week

    Dani Breen

    Dani Breen. Photo courtesy of NEWaukee.

    "There’s so much potential in Milwaukee."

  • NEWaukeean of the Week

    Corey Olson

    Corey Olson. Photo courtesy of NEWaukee.

    "I love how Milwaukee ties the community to the lakefront and the area rivers."