Newaukeean of the Week

  • Kyle Buckley

    Kyle Buckley

    Meet the man who just led the "Blow Up a Car" campaign.

  • Jessie Safoshnik

    Jessie Safoshnik

    Why a college graduate chooses to stay in Milwaukee.

  • Bryan Babler

    Bryan Babler

    Moving to Milwaukee was like breaking out of prison.

  • Patrick Yates

    Patrick Yates

    From small town to the Brew City, a young professional's take on what makes Milwaukee exciting.

  • Deanna Schwenner

    Deanna Schwenner

    Meet the concierge at the recently remodeled CityCenter at 735 N. Water Street.

  • Tim Syth

    Tim Syth

    The director of Bucketworks is featured in our new weekly column highlighting city newbies and their views of Milwaukee.