Building Info

1840 N. Farwell Ave.
  • Address: 1840 N. Farwell Ave.
  • Owner: New Land Enterprises
  • Status: Completed
  • Assessment: $549,000 (2015)
  • Tax Key: 3550322100
  • Year Built: 1961
  • Size: 25,536 sq-ft

Office building proposed to be demolished for proposed Farwell Tower. Currently home to New Land Enterprises along with a number of other tenants.

Located on Milwaukee’s Lower East Side.

Sign inside the building refers to it as the Northern States Life Building.


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ROW Restoration Permit.
Water Service.
Water Service.
ROW Excavation Non-Utility.
ENF-2017-091142017/04/06New Service Request
DNS Activity:Early morning construction (6:45am)..
ROW Occupancy Permit.
ENF-2016-051702016/11/24New Service Request
DNS Activity:.
ENF-2016-049612016/11/22New Service Request
DNS Activity:.
ROW Occupancy Permit.
Hydrant Permit.

~~Remove and dispose of all debris, junk, etc.

~~Schedule appt for safety insp & renew certificate
8118442016/08/31New Service Request
Graffiti located on the North side of building.
Asbestos Project
7897702016/03/05New Service Request
Exterior Of Building In Disrepair; Check alignment of "1852" southwest tumbling stone wall with the north end of the wood fence and the utility poles at the alley Wall looks like on 1840 property unless there's a jog in the lot line.
7892192016/03/02New Service Request
Fence In Disrepair Or Falling Down; Stone wall holding up grass southwest of 1852 N Farwell tumbling toward south, looks like across lot line and actually part of 1840. Have picture.
7892262016/03/02New Service Request
Exterior Of Building In Disrepair; Advisory to inspectors: Received notice from City of hearing on this building and parking lot south of it. Developer wants to build highrise on land.

~~Conduct pre-inspection for asbestos of all areas
~~Secure the contaminated area from access
~~Conduct representative air sampling
~~All suspect damaged asbestos containing material shall be removed from the entire 4th floor and east stairwell. This work shall be conducted by a State of Wisconsin certified asbestos abatement company. If the quantity of material removed is to exceed 160 square feet or 260 linear feet, a City of Milwaukee asbestos abatement permit shall be obtained prior to any work being conducted. / MCO 66-12 /
7877112016/02/16New Service Request
Please investigate for possible asbestos in floor tile located on 4th floor landing of rear stairway or wall material of same stairway. Complaint received concerning possible asbestos at location.
~~Repair leaks in roof and restore a watertight cond
~~~~Restore commercial unit to clean condition
~~Third Floor Common Hall
~~~~Repair defective wall plaster and paint
~~Third Floor - Fourth Floor Common Stairs REAR STAI
~~~~Repair plaster and paint water damaged walls
~~~~Paint walls to restore a cleanable surface
~~~~Replace defective floor tiles
~~~~Replace missing floor tiles
~~Discontinue the use of illegal extension cords
7872432016/02/09New Service Request
Multiple building code and fire code violations. Watered carpet with electrical cords on watered carpet, obstructed dangerous windows on 4th floor and watered garbage cans.
7871512016/02/06New Service Request
back stairwell not clear or clean, smells of asbestos, electrical cords plugged into outlets near wet floors, tiling needs repair

~~WIS REG #11555
~~~~The landlord shall keep in reasonable state of repair portions of the premises over which the landlord maintains control and all equipment under the landlord's control necessary to supply services which the landlord has expressly or impliedly agreed to furnish to the tenant, such as heat, water, elevator or air conditioning. (Repair elevator to fully operational and safe working condition.) / 200-20a-1 /
7849872016/01/14New Service Request
Litigated order (#10569041, non-compliance, fined $280). Please check this property for code violations and issue the appropriate orders.
~~West Side
~~~~Repair or replace defective service walk
~~~~Repair or replace defective service walk steps
7608712015/06/04New Service Request
Please check concrete stairs that lead to parking lot