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Who Killed Santa? and Neil’s Dirty Shorts Presented by Umbrella Group

Holiday puppet murder mystery returns for 2014. Plus: the world premiere of Neil's Dirty Shorts.

By - Nov 10th, 2014 04:42 pm
Who Killed Santa

Who Killed Santa

A Milwaukee favorite since 2008, Who Killed Santa? by local playwright Neil Haven will be produced again December 2014 along with the premiere of Neil’s Dirty Shorts featuring the same company of actors.  See page two for the calendar of shows.

Who Killed Santa? and Neil’s Dirty Shorts will run December 11 – 31 at Soulstice Theatre (3770 S Pennsylvania Ave #2, St Francis, WI 53235.)

Who Killed Santa  featuresactors Bo Johnson, Liz Shipe, Nate Press, T. Stacy Hicks, Sara Zientek, Kelly Doherty, also puppets created by Dan Katula, costumes by Amanda Schlicher, written and directed by Neil Haven.Neil’s Dirty Shorts features all of the actors from WKS plus Dan Katula and WKS stage manager Grace DeWolff. Haven, Johnson and Katula will direct.

Tickets are $35 for both shows, $25 for Who Killed Santa?, $15 for Neil’s Dirty Shorts. They can be reserved online at  We do not have a brick & mortar box office. Tickets are available online any time or before the shows at the theatre.  The website also features a video preview and calendar. The show contains adult language and content, suitable for audiences sixteen and older.

Who Killed Santa?

The Choose-Your-Own-Ending Musical Murder Mystery Holiday Whodunit.

Synopsis: In this hilarious and irreverent send-up, Santa is hosting his annual holiday party attended by the usual holiday favorites: Frosty, Tiny Tim, The Little Drummer Boy, and Rudolph, who all have a bone to pick with Santa. After the introduction of the sexy new Little Drummer Girl, tempers flare, and Santa ends up with a candy cane through the heart. No one will confess, no one can leave, and Christmas is in jeopardy. As the tension builds, a couple of incompetent detectives enter the scene, and all the dirty secrets of these iconic holiday characters are revealed. Eventually, with the help of the audience, the murderer is convicted and sentenced.

Who Killed Santa? is an alternative adult show featuring parodies of holiday songs, large rod puppets, and four different endings determined by which suspect the audience accuses.

Neil’s Dirty Shorts

From the author of Who Killed Santa, a series of six hilarious, irreverent, absurd, satirical, inappropriate comedy plays and sketches performed by the same talented WKS company members! If you loved Who Killed Santa?, this will certainly tickle your bone. And this show has nothing to do with Christmas! Humbug!

Time travel! Cannibalism! Coitus Interruptus!

A woman tries to break up with her cable company, a geriatric rom-com loses touch with reality, a baby gets circumcised, or DOES HE?! All this and more can be found only in Neil’s Dirty Shorts.

Warning: this show is inappropriate for all ages.

Neil Haven is the author of Come Back,Pink Champagne, Stuck,Get a Life, and The Playdaters, among others. His work has been seen in Wisconsin at In Tandem Theatre, Uprooted Theatre, Pink Banana, The Brumder Mansion, UW-Whitewater, The Milwaukee Zoo, and Milwaukee Public Theatre.  Outside Wisconsin, his plays have been performed in NYC; Chicago; Philadelphia; Minneapolis; Los Angeles; Las Vegas; Omaha;  Salt Lake City; Columbus, OH; San Francisco; Valdez, AK; and Regina, Saskatchewan.

For additional information, please see


Thurs, Dec 11 – Who Killed Santa – 7:30pm

Fri, Dec 12 – Who Killed Santa – 7:30pm

Fri, Dec 12 – Neil’s Dirty Shorts – 10:00pm

Sat, Dec 13 – Neil’s Dirty Shorts – 4:00pm

Sat, Dec 13 – Who Killed Santa – 7:30pm

Sun, Dec 14 – Who Killed Santa – 2:00pm

Sun, Dec 14 – Neil’s Dirty Shorts – 7:00pm

Thurs, Dec 18 – Who Killed Santa – 7:30pm

Fri, Dec 19 – Who Killed Santa – 7:30pm

Fri, Dec 19 – Neil’s Dirty Shorts – 10:00pm

Sat, Dec 20 – Neil’s Dirty Shorts – 4:00pm

Sat, Dec 20 – Who Killed Santa – 7:30pm

Sun, Dec 21 – Neil’s Dirty Shorts – 2:00pm

Sun, Dec 21 – Who Killed Santa – 7:00pm

**Mon, Dec 22 – Who Killed Santa – 7:30pm

PAY WHAT YOU CAN   – No Advance Sales – Tickets go on sale at 6:30pm at the door – cash and check only.**

Fri, Dec 26 – Who Killed Santa – 7:30pm

Fri, Dec 26 – Neil’s Dirty Shorts – 10:00pm

Sat, Dec 27 – Neil’s Dirty Shorts – 4:00pm

Sat, Dec 27 – Who Killed Santa – 7:30pm

Sun, Dec 28 – Who Killed Santa – 7:00pm

Sun, Dec 28 – Neil’s Dirty Shorts – 7:00pm

Mon, Dec 29 – Neil’s Dirty Shorts – 7:30pm

Tues, Dec 30 – Who Killed Santa – 7:30pm

Wed, Dec 31 – Who Killed Santa – 7:30pm

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