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Weishan to County Executive: “Where is Your Solution to the Pension Issue?”

Supervisor Says County Executive Must Propose a Solution to Pension Issue

By - May 16th, 2014 11:49 am

Milwaukee County Supervisor John Weishan, Jr., today called on County Executive Chris Abele to propose a solution to a pension issue that will protect taxpayers and County retirees.

Weishan said the administrations of former County Executive Scott Walker and Abele failed to make corrections to the pension system as directed when the County Board passed a resolution in 2007 to prevent pension over-payments, but nothing was done to enforce the resolution.

“Where is the County Executive Chris Abele’s solution? What is he going to do to fix this?” Weishan said. “So far there has been nothing but silence from the administration on the idea of a solution.”

Weishan said that the pension issue was one of fairness to retirees and taxpayers.

“People acted in good faith at the direction of Walker and Abele,” Weishan said. “There must be a better approach, and it is up to County Executive Abele to come up with one.

“There are many questions surrounding this issue. Who was responsible for making the over-payments after the County Board ordered them stopped seven years ago? Someone needs to be held accountable for this error, and County Executive Abele also needs to step up and proposed a solution, otherwise taxpayers will be left holding the bag for millions of dollars.”

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One thought on “Weishan to County Executive: “Where is Your Solution to the Pension Issue?””

  1. East Slider says:

    County Board???!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAA!!!!! When are you people ever going to just GO AWAY??!!! Didn’t SEVENTY PLUS PERCENT of us just vote you the hell out of here???!!! Well, why don’t you just LEAVE NOW!!! Especially some WEASEL that spends $4,000 of PUBLIC MONEY on a mailer to WAUKESHA COUNTY RESIDENTS you’re trying to sway your way for your next government job??!!! You got busted on that one, you’re going to lose big! Go get a real job!!!!!

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