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Supervisor Alexander Shines Light on the False Claims for Retaliatory Audit

Milwaukee County Supervisor Deanna Alexander released a statement today regarding the County Board’s vote to move forward with an audit.

By - Sep 26th, 2014 01:46 pm

Milwaukee County Supervisor Deanna Alexander released a statement today regarding the County Board’s vote to move forward with an audit:

“After yesterday’s 15-2 vote to audit Family Care providers, at least two Supervisors made public statements to rationalize their support for what I believe is a baseless and politically motivated audit. Taking aim at the only two Supervisors to oppose the audit, they claimed that we should all want to support transparency and that the audit will lead to understanding the effects of the Living Wage Ordinance.   That excuse is a cover-up.

I look forward to hearing what explanation these Supervisors lean on when they realize that they can’t audit something that doesn’t exist: the Living Wage Ordinance has not yet taken effect for Family Care.  So, how would they audit its effects?

Milwaukee County Family Care Director Maria Ledger testified in two committees just last week on the impossibility of testing the current effects of the Living Wage Ordinance:

1)   The Living Wage has not yet been implemented for Family Care.

2)   Once it is implemented in 2015, Milwaukee County will be paying all increased costs as flow-through from the contractors to the workers; therefore the primary effect will be on taxpayer funds or reserves and has nothing to do with administrative fees paid to contractors.

Let us not forget that the SEIU itself has admitted that the union is using this audit to target a single Family Care provider.

Surely County Supervisors have various reasons for the way they vote and I would encourage any elected official to do what is right for their district and the County at large; but no one has offered a single reliable reason to move forward on this audit.

Anyone still searching for a way to re-rationalize their audit-supporting vote as something informed and upright had better go back to the drawing board and try again, because the excuses they have published so far are only blowing smoke and we can see right through it.”

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