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Sup. Romo West Introduces Resolution Requiring Notification of Attempts to Remove Homeless

Resolution Would Require Five-Day Notice of Removal; Referral of Homeless to Housing Division

By - Jan 29th, 2016 01:29 pm

Milwaukee County Supervisor Peggy Romo West has introduced a resolution requesting that any Milwaukee County employee or agent attempting to remove homeless individuals from an area within Milwaukee County notify the Department of Health and Human Services Housing Division and the Milwaukee County Continuum of Care prior to removal in order for these agencies to offer care and assistance during the transition.

The resolution also requires five days of notice before homeless individuals and families are removed.

“On any given night in Milwaukee County there are 1,500 homeless people in need of shelter, and many times shelters in Milwaukee County are not capable of meeting the shelter needs of the homeless due to space limitations,” Romo West said.

Romo West said that from October 2013 to March 2014, County agencies received 3,006 calls from families requesting shelter and 2,339 of those shelter needs were unmet. She added that 200 families are currently on the County’s waiting list for shelter.

“Many homeless individuals and families have no choice but to seek shelter outdoors to provide at least some protection from the elements,” Romo West said. “It is inhumane to force homeless people to leave the meager outdoor shelters they have found for themselves, and we must provide at least some notice of removal as well as a referral to County agencies that can assist them.

“It is imperative that the Milwaukee County Housing Division and the Milwaukee County Continuum of Care are notified so that assistance and care can be offered.”

The resolution was approved by the Health and Human Needs Committee and will be sent to the full County Board for consideration.

“No one wants to be homeless, especially during the frigid winter months,” Romo West said. “It is incumbent upon the County to make sure that the homeless have access to services that will allow them to come in from the cold outdoors.”

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