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Sup. Moore Omokunde Introduces Resolution Seeking Youth Placement Alternatives to Lincoln Hills

Measure Seeks Immediate Remedies for Milwaukee County Youth at Troubled Facility

By - Jan 26th, 2016 11:10 am

Milwaukee County Supervisor Supreme Moore Omokunde has introduced a resolution urging the County Executive to seek immediate remedies to improve the situation for Milwaukee County youths currently placed at Lincoln Hills, the state’s juvenile justice facility.

The resolution, co-authored by Board Chairman Theodore Lipscomb, Sr., also authorizes the Milwaukee County Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) to analyze alternatives for the placement of juveniles in secure detention. The resolution includes a review of the La Crosse CORE Academy and other possible alternative locations for secure detention, such as the House of Correction, that are also consistent with federal and state law.

“It is becoming increasingly clear from media reports that Lincoln Hills is an unsatisfactory location for Milwaukee County youths who have been sent to that facility,” Moore Omokunde said. “This resolution gives the courts and DHHS the ability to explore alternative placements.”

Moore Omokunde said the resolution is also designed to help “interrupt the school to prison pipeline” that some youths are caught in, and to encourage rehabilitation rather than harsh punishment.

“We must ensure that we aren’t doing anything to exacerbate the situation by hardening young people with physical and mental abuse as opposed to further educating and rehabilitating them so we can aid them in steering themselves back on course,” he said. “Part of the rehabilitation process is having youths wrapped around by people who care about them. Part of that is family, keeping them close, and repairing relationships.

“We need to wrap our young men and women in love, not mental or physical abuse by prison officials who are supposed to care for them.”

The resolution will be considered by the Health and Human Needs Committee Wednesday.

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