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Speaker Vos Begins Session Calling for Long-term Solutions

“Instead of attacking one another and saying what shouldn’t be done, let’s work together to find what can be done.”

By - Jan 3rd, 2017 03:28 pm

Madison…Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) is calling on elected officials to work together on long-term solutions in the 2017-2018 session. The 103rd Wisconsin State Legislature began Tuesday afternoon with the inauguration of the 99 members.

“We must put aside what we think is best for our political careers, and do what’s best for Wisconsin,” said Speaker Vos. “Instead of attacking one another and saying what shouldn’t be done, let’s work together to find what can be done.”

The Racine County representative is entering his seventh term in office and third session as Speaker of the Assembly.  Speaker Vos becomes the longest serving Republican speaker in Wisconsin state history.

“Let’s take this great responsibility and run with it,” said Speaker Vos. “It’s our time to solve Wisconsin’s problems which have been ignored for far too long.”

Speaker Vos wants to develop real solutions to address the transportation funding crisis, fix the broken state tax code and update the school funding formula. In addition, expanding worker training is a priority as the state deals with a growing worker shortage.

“I’m confident that we can continue to make big and bold reforms,” said Speaker Vos. “We have cut nearly $5 billion in taxes, reduced the size of government and created a welcoming business climate; it’s time to build on our successes and build a better Wisconsin.”

The inauguration ceremony took place in the Assembly chambers. Assembly Republicans hold a 64-35 seat majority, the largest since 1957.

The 63rd Assembly District includes the communities of Rochester, Burlington, Town of Burlington, Yorkville, Dover, Union Grove, Mount Pleasant, Sturtevant.

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