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Right-Wing Special Interests Spending to Make Michael Screnock Into Right-Wing Media Darling

State Big Biz Lobby Drops Six-Figure Ad Buy on Fox News Channel

By - Feb 5th, 2018 12:39 pm
Michael Screnock. Photo from Screnock campaign website.

Michael Screnock. Photo from Screnock campaign website.

MADISON, Wis. — With a six-figure television ad buy, reported on Friday by the state news service, the special interest allies of Michael Screnock are making their first down payment in the effort to elect him to the Wisconsin Supreme Court. One Wisconsin Now Deputy Director Mike Browne noted that the state’s big corporate lobby group, the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, appears determined to make Screnock into a right-wing media darling with their ad buy focused on the Fox News Channel.

“It looks like Michael Screnock’s special interest pals are determined to make him into a right-wing media darling,” said Browne. “With the first down payment in their attempt to buy another seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court they’ve dropped six figures to run tv ads on the Fox News Channel.”

The narrowly focused ad buy tracks with how Screnock has conducted his campaign thus far. With his media and other public appearances candidate Screnock has focused on appearing on right-wing talk radio shows and attending local Republican Party and other conservative events.

While finding time for these appearances he has passed on appearing with the other candidates also on the ballot for the February primary election, including most recently a forum in Milwaukee moderated by former state high court justice Janine Geske.

One Wisconsin Now previously revealed how Scott Walker’s campaign team is working for Screnock in his court bid. A review of Screnock’s spending in his most recent campaign finance report found that, other than a payment processing service and bank charges, every disbursement reported is to a vendor or consultant connected to Scott Walker’s campaign team.

Browne concluded, “Screnock’s right-wing resume, multiple arrests for blocking women from accessing legal health care and defending Scott Walker’s power grabs as a lawyer, might play well on Fox News but it certainly doesn’t appeal to the general public.”

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