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Pocan Statement on Mass Shooting in Las Vegas

"As long as Congress fails to act, it is complicit in the deaths of innocent Americans."

By - Oct 2nd, 2017 10:31 am

WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Representative Mark Pocan (WI-02) today released the following statement regarding the mass shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada. According to early news reports, the shooting claimed the lives of 50 people, surpassing the 2016 mass shooting in Orlando, Florida and making it the largest mass shooting in American history.

“My thoughts are with the victims of this senseless tragedy, their friends and families, and the City of Las Vegas. Much like the shooting in Orlando, these innocent Americans were doing something many of us have done, attend a concert. This attack was an act of terror and no one should have to experience a tragedy like the one that unfolded in Las Vegas.

“Members of Congress have the power to do something and we must do more than hold a moment of silence. We said never again after the shootings in Newtown, Charleston, San Bernardino, Orlando, and so many others. These events have become far too common and we can’t stay silent when thousands of Americans die from firearms every single year.

“As long as Congress fails to act, it is complicit in the deaths of innocent Americans. We must take commonsense actions like reinstating the assault weapons ban, ending the sale of high-capacity magazines, and closing loopholes in the background check system. For too long, Congress has rolled over when confronted by the NRA and the gun lobby and it’s time to finally take a stand. Congress must act now.”

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One thought on “Pocan Statement on Mass Shooting in Las Vegas”

  1. Maureen Burke says:

    Why does the “gun lobby” have such a tight hold on Congress? Why are we the only country to have this problem of mass shootings by our own citizens?

    The founding fathers never could have imagined the world we live in today.

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