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Overwhelming Support to Keep Pools Open

Donor Steps Forward to Help

By - Oct 29th, 2013 10:21 am

Milwaukee County Board Chairwoman Marina Dimitrijevic today announced a major private donation toward capital improvements for the Pulaski and Noyes indoor public pools to help keep them open “next year and into the future.”

Dimitrijevic was joined at a news conference by Stanley Kass, of Brown Deer, who has pledged a substantial undisclosed amount for capital maintenance to keep both pools open. Kass is making the donation in memory of his late wife, Lee, who was a frequent swimmer at the Noyes pool. Kass will also consider future donations if the community continues to show financial support.

The County Executive’s 2014 Recommended Budget called for the closing and demolition of the County’s only two indoor pools. But Dimitrijevic today introduced a budget amendment to the Finance, Personnel and Audit Committee for funding to keep the pools open in 2014.

“There has been an outpouring of community support for keeping these pools open, and hundreds of people turned out at town hall meetings in opposition to the proposed closings,” Dimitrijevic said. “Mr. Kass’ generous contribution to the County is reflective of the passion that residents of Milwaukee County feel about these pools. We are grateful to Stanley Kass and his family for contributing to the maintenance of these two important resources. This is a wonderful way for Mr. Kass to memorialize his wife, and it is a tremendous contribution to the community.”

Dimitrijevic said supervisors have received calls and emails in support of keeping the pools open, and she presented a petition with hundreds of signatures in support.

The cash financing needed in 2014 to make the high priority repairs to the pools is $373,670, and the combined contribution of Mr. Kass and the County will be used to make the needed repairs and keep the pools open. Under the Dimitrijevic amendment, Mr. Kass’ contribution will be matched by an equal contribution from the Park Amenities Fund, and will be used exclusively to repair and retain the Noyes and Pulaski indoor pools per his wishes. Dimitrijevic’s amendment denies demolition, keeps both indoor pools open and funds major maintenance.

“These pools are part of the quality of life in Milwaukee County,” Dimitrijevic said. “These are amenities like libraries and parks that make our community special. I thank Mr. Kass, and I look forward to continue working with him to save these valuable community assets. The community spoke, and we listened.”

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