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O’Donnell Talks: Nothing But Talk

County Board refuses to move forward on plans of compromise

By - Mar 27th, 2015 09:22 am
O'Donnell Park. Photo by Jeramey Jannene.

O’Donnell Park. Photo by Jeramey Jannene.

Multiple proposals addressing the future of O’Donnell Park and garage went before the County Board for a vote Thursday.  Every option on the table was ultimately denied or delayed.

“As elected officials representing a community of diverse opinions, some of us understand that we can compromise by giving up something we’d like to see in legislation in order to gain support for something we need to see,” said Supervisor Deanna Alexander.

“Today, I proposed a plan that would have met the stated top needs of every board member, so that O’Donnell-sale supporters and opponents alike, could each compromise on small issues in order to be effective for the public, while still standing confidently on principle with the big issues,” said Supervisor Alexander.

The proposals and amendments presented today would have led to O’Donnell Park and garage being listed in an RFP for development, while giving preference to the Milwaukee Art Museum to have an exclusive initial time frame to promote its ideas for the space.

Some Supervisors objected to the land being listed as “surplus,” and some objected to the timeframe allotted to the museum.  Both of these points, amongst others, were recognized and legislative proposals modified in order to curry favorable votes from a majority of Supervisors.

The Board, however, delayed making any final decisions.

“I hear buzz in the community about ideas for this space—ideas that are not necessarily private development and might very well make O’Donnell Park a much better public recreation space—but without members being willing to give a little in compromise, the Board’s O’Donnell talks are unfortunately just talk.  I sincerely hope to see leaps and bounds of progress when the delayed proposals come back to us,” Supervisor Alexander said.

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4 thoughts on “O’Donnell Talks: Nothing But Talk”

  1. Gary says:

    Finally! Some decent photos.

  2. Marie says:

    From press release: “I hear buzz in the community about ideas for this space—ideas that are not necessarily private development and might very well make O’Donnell Park a much better public recreation space—”

    Sup. Alexander: To make this park a much better public recreation space, could supervisors simply recommend that Milwaukee County’s park planners take a look at how to improve it? Several ideas have been suggested by Jeramey Janeene and others. That would not require a complicated RFP or declaring the park surplus properrty and removing it from the Parks Dept. In some cases it sounds like all it would take is a little pruning, some better plantings, and a modest amount of programming. I imagine the nonprofit art museum and Betty Brinn Museum might have a few ideas as well. They’re both already long-time trusted partners with the County.

  3. Will says:

    The amount of tax revenue that could be generated by this site if sold is so large that if you think they should leave it as is, is downright being selfish. There is nothing but grass all along the lakefront that can be enjoyed by Milwaukee citizens, can’t we use this land to better the community??

  4. will says:

    This land is a slab of grass on a parking lot. You people make it sound like its the Grand Canyon

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