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Milwaukee Film Festival Announces Over 100 Expected Guests

Headliners include actors Raven-Symoné and John Ashton; documentary subjects April Carrión and Moziah Bridges; award-winning directors Chad Gracia and Stanley Nelson

By - Sep 17th, 2015 07:02 am

MILWAUKEE – Thursday, September 17, 2015 – The 7th Annual Milwaukee Film Festival, presented by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, announces today a preliminary list of guests for this year’s festival. A total of over 100 out-of-town guests are expected to attend the festival, comprising filmmakers and subjects from films in each festival program and including several guests from overseas.

“Bringing guests to the festival allows our audience to have a one-of-a-kind interaction with creators and subjects of these films. This is why film festivals are unlike any other movie-going experience,” shares Jonathan Jackson, Artistic and Executive Director at Milwaukee Film.

Featured guests this year include co-host of The View and former star of That’s So Raven and The Cosby Show,  Raven-Symoné, who is attending with her acting performance in A Girl Like Grace. Attending in person to present his acclaimed performance in Uncle John is John Ashton, who has over 70 acting credits, including supporting star turns in Gone Baby Gone, Beverly Hills Cop and Midnight Run.

Several documentary subjects who are attending are noteworthy additions to the festival line-up, including April Carrión, a contestant on RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6, who is attending with the documentary Mala Mala. Moziah Bridges, a memorable young guest from Shark Tank, will be attending in conjunction with a short documentary about his eponymous company Mo’s Bows.

Acclaimed directors attending are plentiful and include 2015 Sundance Film Festival World Cinema Grand Jury Prize: Documentary winner and South Milwaukee native Chad Gracia (The Russian Woodpecker) and James Redford, director of the documentary Paper Tigers, who is co-founder and chair of the Redford Center and the son of Robert Redford.

Filmmaker and Milwaukee Film Festival 2015 Tribute guest Stanley Nelson Jr. is scheduled to attend the screening of his latest film The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution and participate in a question-and-answer session following the Monday, Sep. 28 screening at 6:15PM.

In addition to Nelson, the Black Lens program is strongly represented with guests from nearly every film scheduled to attend. Featured guests include directors Paul Hill and April Martin (Cincinnati Goddamn), director Malik Vitthal (Imperial Dreams), director Lacey Schwartz (Little White Lie), director Harold Jackson III (Last Night) and director/actor Ty Hodges along with producer Matt Keith and actors Garcelle Beauvais and Ryan Destiny (A Girl Like Grace).

Special to this year’s festival are international guests including Carlos Alvarez Sanchez and Armando Lorenzo Munnet Rodriguez, subjects of the Cuba-shot film Havana Motor Club; Argentinian guests Nicola Costantino and director Natalie Cristiani (Nicola Costantino: The Artefacta), Italian director Sydney Sibilia (I Can Quit Whenever I Want), Canadian director Jeffrey St. Jules (Bang Bang Baby) and the Ukrainian lead subject of the award-winning documentary The Russian Woodpecker, Fedor Alexandrovich.

Several acclaimed short-form filmmakers will also be guests of the festival, including Zach Lasry, director of the short film Seth and son of Milwaukee Bucks owner Marc Lasry, Meg Smaker, director of the acclaimed short film Boxeadora and Actor Seeks Role director Michael Tyburski.

2013 Milwaukee Film Festival Tribute recipient Paul Attanasio (screenwriter, Donnie Brasco, Quiz Show) will return to conduct a Masterclass with local screenwriters and students. Chicago Tribune film critic Michael J. Phillips is presenting the festival’s State of Cinema keynote address. Public Forums and Filmmaker Services panels will feature Prof. Ursula Lindqvist (Gustavus Adolphus College), who will speak on Swedish cinema and the Passport: Sweden program, and Emily Best, founder of the crowdfunding platform Seed & Spark, who will run workshops on funding and distribution for filmmakers.



The 414s: The Original Teenage Hackers (pre-feature for Raiders!)
Oct. 8, 7:00PM I Oriental Theatre
Michael T. Vollmann: Director
Chris James Thompson: Producer
Timothy Winslow: Subject
Gerald Wondra: Subject

30 Seconds Away: Breaking the Cycle
Sep. 29, 6:30PM | Oriental Theatre
Oct. 2, 3:30PM | Times Cinema
Oct. 6, 9:45PM | Avalon Theater
Faith Kohler: Director, Producer
Jessica Farrell: Producer
Andrew Swant: Editor
Quinn Hester: Cinematographer

7 Chinese Brothers
Sep. 26, 10:00PM I Oriental Theatre
Bob Byington: Director

Actor Seeks Role (Shorts: Out of This World)
Oct. 4, 4:15PM I Times Cinema
Oct. 5, 10:00PM I Oriental Theatre
Michael Tyburski: Director
Edmund Vallante: Producer

Almost There
Sep. 26, 12:45PM I Downer Theatre
Sep. 29, 7:00PM I Times Cinema
Oct. 4, 9:45PM I Avalon Theater
Dan Rybicky: Director, Producer, Screenwriter
Aaron Wickenden: Director, Producer

Arrowhead (pre-feature for Take the Dog)
Sep. 25, 9:30PM I Avalon Theater
Sep. 29, 10:15PM I Oriental Theatre
Oct. 7, 3:15PM I Downer Theatre
Jon Phillips: Director
Chris Ouchie: Assistant Director

Avi, La Petite Ballerina (pre-feature for A Ballerina’s Tale and Yoopera!)
Sep. 28, 4:00PM I Downer Theatre
Oct. 2, 7:00PM I Fox-Bay Cinema
Oct. 4, 4:15PM I Downer Theatre
Oct. 4, 1:00PM I Avalon Theater
Oct. 5, 1:15PM I Avalon Theater
Oct. 8, 8:00PM I Oriental Theatre
Susan Kerns: Director
Jay Beckman: Titles Designer

The Bad Boy of Bowling (Shorts: Sports Shorts. Shorts About Sports.)
Sep. 25, 4:15PM I Times Cinema
Sep. 27, 7:15PM I Oriental Theatre
Amy Storkel: Producer

Bang Bang Baby
Sep. 26, 7:00PM I Avalon Theater
Jeffrey St. Jules: Director

The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution
Sep. 28, 6:15PM I Oriental Theatre
Stanley Nelson: Director

A Boy and His Guns (pre-feature for Neptune)
Sep. 26, 3:30PM I Times Cinema
Sep. 29, 3:30PM I Avalon Theater
Sep. 30, 9:30PM I Oriental Theatre
Sean Kafer: Director
Madeleine Schweitzer: Producer

Boxeadora (Shorts: Sports Shorts. Shorts About Sports.)
Sep. 25, 4:15PM I Times Cinema
Sep. 27, 7:15PM I Oriental Theatre
Meg Smaker: Director

The Champion (Shorts: Stranger Than Fiction)
Sep. 27, 4:15PM I Times Cinema
Oct. 1, 4:00PM I Oriental Theatre
Oct. 7, 7:00PM I Avalon Theater
Brett Garamella: Co-Director
Patrick McGowan: Co-Director

Cincinnati Goddamn
Oct. 1, 4:00PM I Times Cinema
Paul Hill: Co-Director
April Martin: Co-Director

Sep. 28, 4:00PM I Times Cinema
Oct. 1, 3:15PM I Oriental Theatre
Oct. 3, 12:30PM I Fox-Bay Cinema
Kristin Catalano: Director
Frank Calarco: Composer
Chris Chuzles: Music Recording Mixer, Visual Effects

Dolphin Lover (Shorts: Stories We Tell)
Kareem Tabsch: Director, Producer, Writer
Joey Daoud: Producer, Writer, Cinematographer, Editor

Oct. 3, 4:15PM I Avalon Theater
Brenda Myers-Powell: Subject

For Carillon No 5 (pre-feature for Theory of Obscurity: A Film About the Residents)
Sep. 27, 10:00PM I Oriental Theatre
Sep. 28, 10:15PM I Oriental Theatre
Sep. 29, 7:15PM I Avalon Theater
Joe Brown: Director
George Bicknell: Production Assistant
Brian Mohsenian: Production Assistant

A Girl Like Grace
Sep. 26, 6:45PM I Downer Theatre
Sep. 27, 1:00PM I Times Cinema
Sep. 30, 3:45PM I Oriental Theatre
Ty Hodges: Director/Actor
Matt Keith: Producer
Raven-Symoné: Actor
Garcelle Beauvais: Actor
Ryan Destiny: Actor

The Glamour & The Squalor
Oct. 2, 9:15PM I Avalon Theater
Oct. 4, 7:00PM I Oriental Theatre
Marq Evans: Director
Michelle Quisenberry: Producer
Marco Collins: Subject

The Great Alone
Sep. 26, 7:00PM I Oriental Theatre
Sep. 27, 1:00PM I Oriental Theatre
Greg Kohs: Director
Ross Riege: Director of Photography
Lance Mackey: Subject
Kathie Smith: Subject
Lance’s dog Amp: Subject

Harmony Brooks and the Case of the Missing Nucleus (Kids Shorts: Size Large)
Sep. 26, 10:30AM I Downer Theatre
Sep. 27, 10:30AM I Times Cinema
Whitney Clinkscales: Director

Havana Motor Club
Sep. 27, 3:45PM I Oriental Theatre
Sep. 29, 9:45PM I Times Cinema
Bent-Jorgen Perlmutt: Director
Marcel Piedra Cervantes: Producer
Armando Lorenzo Munnet Rodriguez: Subject
Carlos Alvarez Sanchez: Subject

The House Is Innocent (Shorts: Stranger Than Fiction)
Sep. 27, 4:15PM I Times Cinema
Oct. 1, 4:00PM I Oriental Theatre
Nick Coles: Director

I Can Quit Whenever I Want (Smetto quando voglio)
Sep. 25, 8:45PM I Oriental Theatre
Sydney Sibilia: Director

Imperial Dreams
Oct. 1, 7:00PM I Avalon Theater
Oct. 3, 7:00PM I Downer Theatre
Malik Vitthal: Director

In a Perfect World
Sep. 26, 1:15PM I Oriental Theatre
Daphne McWilliams: Director

King Georges
Oct. 3, 6:15PM I Oriental Theatre
Oct. 4, 4:00PM I Avalon Theater
Erika Frankel: Director
Georges Perrier: Subject

The Last Barn Dance (pre-feature for Good Things Await (Så meget godt i vente))
Oct. 2, 7:00PM I Times Cinema
Jason Arthurs: Co-Director
Ted Richardson: Co-Director

Last Night
Oct. 3, 10:00PM I Downer Theater
Oct. 4, 9:30PM I Times Cinema
Harold Jackson III: Director

Little White Lie
Sep. 27, 7:00PM I Times Cinema
Lacey Schwartz: Director, Subject

Mala Mala
Sep. 25, 6:30PM I Avalon Theater
April Carrion: Subject


THE MILWAUKEE SHOW I – Sep. 27, 8:00PM I Oriental Theatre

Beautiful Orifice Boy
Vincent Maslowski: Director, Animator

The Daffy Strut
Andrew Megow: Director
Jon Eliot: Producer
Morgan Rosetto: Actor

The Death Drive
Kyle V. James: Director, Producer
Michael Bourne: Director, Producer
Mallori Taylor: Actor

Rubin Whitmore II: Director
Matt Collison: Writer
Alex Huettl: Visual Effects
Contrell Smith: Editor
Alex Ames: Sound Design
Alden Hoot: Colorist
Jon Browne: Animator
Chris Crain: Music
Davia Fenton: Music
Xavier Ruffin: Titles

Kristin Peterson: Director
Bennett Litton: Cinematographer

Fast Company
Jack Davidson: Director
A. Smithee: Producer

It’s Cold Up North
James Roufus: Director
Trever Siegman: Producer
Christopher Kniper: Producer
Gary Wernette: Director of Photography, Editor
Peter Reeves: Actor
Robert W.C. Kennedy: Actor
Louisa Ocheing: Actor
Terrance Kingsby: Actor

The Life and Times of Thomas Thumb Jr.
Ryan Fox: Director, Writer, Producer, Editor
Xinhao Liang: Director of Photography
Sam Radue: Actor

The Sonatina
Kate Balsley: Director, Writer
Eddie Poser: Actor

THE MILWAUKEE SHOW II Oct. 2, 6:30PM I Oriental Theatre

Natasha Scannell: Director

John Roberts: Director

Mothers For Justice
Erik Ljung: Director, Producer
Joel Van Haren: Camera

Notes From the Interior
Ben Balcom: Director

Sitora Takanaev: Director, Producer, Writer
Michael Krieger: Producer

The Sound Man
Chip Duncan: Director, Editor, Writer, Producer
Bob Huck: Assistant Editor
Katie Joachim: Production Assistant
Theran Pfeiffer: Production Assistant
Wacera Ngunjiri: Production Assistant

We Interrupt This Broadcast
Kurt Raether: Director
Matt Sabljak: Executive Producer

THE MILWAUKEE MUSIC VIDEO SHOW – Sep. 30, 6:30PM I Oriental Theatre

“Boyz” by GGOOLLDD
Tony Hunt: Director
Ryan Bingham: Director

“Burn It Down” by Sam & Margot
Brendan T. Jones: Director, Writer
Sam Fuhrer: Producer

“Carry Me” by Victor DeLorenzo
Chad Halvorsen: Director, Producer
Kyle Buckley: Executive Producer
Victor DeLorenzo: Musician, Actor
Janet Schiff: Actor
Jordan Post: Director of Photography

“Casino” by Calliope
Victor Buell IV: Director

“Doomsday” by WebsterX
Sam Ahmed: Actor, Musician
Katie Lafond: Actor

“Dreamy Bruises” by Sylvan Esso
Timm Gable: Producer
Cole Quamme: Editor

“Drive Through Summer” by Wooldridge Brothers
Robb Fischer: Director
Ben Krutzik: Editor
Randy Lorenz: Camera

“High Life” by The Midwest Beat
Jon Salimes: Director
Kaity Weisensel: Production Assistant

“Love of Mine” by Vic and Gab
Betty Allen: Director
Andi Woodward: Creative Director

“Milwaukee” by Maritime
Bob Purvis: Director
Kenny Seibert: Art Director

“Nothing Left” by Greatest Lakes
Brian Steinseifer: Co-Director
Josiah Werning: Co-Director

“Pieces” by Uncle Larry
Billy Judge Baldus: Director, Producer
Jon Kline: Director of Photography

“Sunshine” by Kane Place Record Club
John Roberts: Director

“This is Our Year” by Lex Allen
Lex Allen: Performer
Mahdi Gransbury: Stylist

“Wings” by Field Report
Erik Holman: Director, Animator
Vassi Slavova: Designer, Animator

“Witch” by Tigernite
Eric Arsnow: Co-Director
Kyle Arpke: Co-Director
Molly Roberts: Performer
Maxwell Emmet: Performer

THE MILWAUKEE YOUTH SHOW- Sep. 27, 10:30AM I Oriental Theatre

Mikayla Bell: Director

The Brooklyn Bridge
Marcelo Quezada: Director

Crazy He Calls Me
Julia Mutranowski: Director
Eden Raduege: Director, Actor

Alex Meeth: Director
Ethan Suhr: Director

Sam Pike: Director

In the Victim’s Voice
Tasha Kappes: Director
Kirsten Kliebenstein: Director, Actor

A Perilous Poisoning
Sam Pike: Director

Scorched Earth: A British Soldier’s Memoir of India’s Partition.…

Megan Sai Dogra: Director

They Never Came Back
Alondra Mercado: Director

Urban Ecology: A History
Serbata Tarrer: Director

What is Beauty?
Raven Miller: Director

A Work in Progress-The Painter
Tyler Pelzek: Director
Clarence Corbett: Subject


Mo’s Bows (Kids Shorts: Size Medium)
Oct. 3, 10:30AM I Oriental Theatre
Kristen McGregor: Co-Director
Jennifer Treuting: Co-Director
Moziah Bridges: Subject

Most Likely to Succeed
Oct. 4, 12:45PM I Oriental Theatre
Ted Dintersmith: Executive Producer

Sep. 26, 3:30PM I Times Cinema
Sep. 29, 3:30PM I Avalon Theater
Sep. 30, 9:30PM I Oriental Theatre
Matthew Konkel: Screenwriter, Producer
Erin Maddox: Producer
Trish Hundhausen: Producer
Amy Geyser: Producer
Allen Baldwin: Producer

Nicola Costantino: The Artefacta
Sep. 25, 7:15PM I Oriental Theatre
Sep. 27, 1:15PM I Downer Theatre
Natalie Cristiani: Director
Nicola Costantino: Subject
Aquiles Costantino: Subject

Off the Menu: Asian America
Sep. 30, 3:45PM I Avalon Theater
Oct. 1, 12:45PM I Downer Theatre
Grace Lee: Director

Old Fashioned: The Story of the Wisconsin Supper Club (Wisconsin’s Own)
Sep. 26, 1:15PM I Fox-Bay Cinema
Sep. 27, 3:45PM I Downer Theatre
Oct. 5, 10:00PM I Times Cinema
Holly L. DeRuyter: Director, Producer
Brian Risselada: Producer

Operation Allie (pre-feature for 30 Seconds Away: Breaking the Cycle)
Sep. 29, 6:30PM I Oriental Theatre
Oct. 2, 3:30PM I Times Cinema
Oct. 6, 9:45PM I Avalon Theater
Manny Marquez: Director
Matt Prekop: Editor

One Man’s Trash (pre-feature for Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story)
Oct. 4, 7:00PM I Fox-Bay Cinema
Annabelle Attanasio: Director

Paper Tigers
Sep. 25, 4:00PM I Oriental Theatre
James Redford: Director, Producer, Screenwriter

Peace Officer
Oct. 3, 7:00PM I Oriental Theatre
William “Dub” Lawrence: Subject

Places (pre-feature for Clarence)
Sep. 28, 4:00PM I Times Cinema
Oct. 1, 3:15PM I Oriental Theatre
Oct. 3, 12:30PM I Fox-Bay Cinema
Kyle Arpke: Director
Jessica Knap: Producer, Sound Editor
Nick Eason: Colorist

Police Shooting Tests a New Wisconsin Law (pre-feature for Peace Officer)
Oct. 3, 7:00PM I Oriental Theatre
Erik Ljung: Director
Spencer Chumbley: Camera
Dan Peters: Producer, Camera, Editor

Radical Grace
Sep. 25, 4:00PM I Avalon Theatre
Sep. 28, 3:45PM I Oriental Theatre
Oct. 5, 9:30PM I Fox-Bay Cinema
Nicole Bernardi-Reis: Producer
Meggie Cramer: Associate Producer
Laura Wilson: Associate Producer

Oct. 8, 7:00PM I Oriental Theatre
Jeremy Coon: Co-Director
Barry Poltermann: Editor

Romeo Is Bleeding
Oct. 2, 12:30PM I Times Cinema
Oct. 3, 2:30PM I Oriental Theatre
Jason Zeldes: Director
Michael Klein: Producer
DeAndre Evans: Subject
Donté Clark: Subject
Molly Raynor: Subject
D’neise Robinson: Subject

Run Fast (Shorts: Sports Shorts. Shorts About Sports.)
Oct. 3, 1:30PM I Avalon Theater
Anna Musso: Director
Jon Bush: Production Designer

The Russian Woodpecker
Sep. 25, 5:30PM I Oriental Theatre
Sep. 27, 4:00PM I Avalon Theater
Chad Gracia: Director
Fedor Alexandrovich: Subject

Safety Last!
Sep. 27, 5:00PM I Oriental Theatre
Scott Foppiano: Organist

Seth (pre-feature for 7 Chinese Brothers)
Sep. 26, 10:00PM I Oriental Theatre
Zach Lasry: Director
Arianna Lyons: Producer

Take the Dog
Sep. 25, 9:30PM I Avalon Theater
Sep. 29, 10:15PM I Oriental Theatre
Oct. 7, 3:15PM I Downer Theater
Andrew Tolstedt: Co-Director
Carol Brandt: Co-Director
Matt Wakeling: Screenwriter
Erika Sorenson: Actor
Tim Palecek: Actor

TransFatty Lives
Oct. 2, 10:00PM I Oriental Theatre
Oct. 5, 4:00PM I Oriental Theatre
Mia Green-Dove: Producer

Oct. 1, 6:30PM I Oriental Theatre
Phillip Baribeau: Director

Uncle John
Oct. 1, 7:00PM I Oriental Theatre
Steven Piet: Director

Erik Crary: Producer, Co-Writer
Mike Bove: Cinematography
John Ashton: Actor

Alex Moffat: Actor

Vuriloche (pre-feature for Unbranded)
Sep. 29, 1:00PM I Oriental Theatre
Oct. 1, 6:30PM I Oriental Theatre
Oct. 7, 3:30PM I Times Cinema
Erik Ljung: Co-Director, Cinematographer
Maureen Post: Co-Director, Producer

The Wrecking Crew
Oct. 6, 7:00PM I Downer Theatre
Denny Tedesco: Director

Sep. 28, 4:00PM I Downer Theatre
Oct. 4, 1:00PM I Avalon Theater
Oct. 8, 8:00PM I Oriental Theatre
Suzanne Jurva: Director
Erin Smith: Producer, Editor
Justin Jones: Director of Photography
Theresa Obst: Subject
Mary Wright: Subject


Community­ Police Relations
Oct. 3, 2:00PM | Kenilworth Square East
Faith Kohler: Moderator
Dr. Kimberly Hassell: Panelist
Fred Royal: Panelist
Damien Smith: Panelist
Steven Spingola: Panelist

In Focus: Youth Activism in Milwaukee
Oct. 3, 5:00PM | Kenilworth Square East
Dasha Kelly: Moderator

Education Reform: Praxis and Policy
Oct. 4, 3:00PM | Kenilworth Square East
Joseph Yeado: Moderator
Abby Andrietsch: Panelist
Danae Davis: Panelist
Dr. Darienne Driver: Panelist
Glen Allen: Presenter
Bethany Vannest: Presenter

Passport: Sweden
Sep. 26, 2:00PM | Kenilworth Square East
Ursula Lindqvist​: Speaker

State of Cinema Keynote Address
Sep. 26, 12:00PM | Kenilworth Square East
Michael J. Phillips


Paul Attanasio
Stanley Nelson Jr.

Seed & Spark Presents: Crowdfunding to Build Independence
Sep. 26, 4:00PM | Kenilworth Square East
Emily Best: Speaker

Seed & Spark Presents: Distribution Workflow
Sep. 27, 12:00PM | Kenilworth Square East
Emily Best: Moderator
Nick Coles: Panelist
Daphne McWilliams: Panelist
Amy Storkel: Panelist

Pitch Us Your Film! Contest
Oct. 3, 12:00PM | Kenilworth Square East
Heidi Zwicker: Judge
Laurie Scheer: Judge


Brico Forward Fund Jury
Mike Maggiore
Malik Vitthal
Iliana Sosa

Cream City Cinema Jury
Aaron Katz
Mallory Martin
Robert Patla

Documentary Festival Favorites Jury
Chris James Thompson
Beth Barrett
Josh Siegel

Herzfeld Competition Jury
Brian James McGuire
Jonathan Howell
John Anderson

Shorter is Better Jury
Kara Mulrooney
Fraser Munden
Nicole Triche

The 2015 Milwaukee Film Festival runs September 24 – October 8, 2015 at the Landmark Oriental Theatre, Landmark Downer Theatre, Fox-Bay Cinema Grill, Times Cinema and Avalon Theater. Tickets for individual screenings are now available.


About Milwaukee Film

Film can entertain, educate, and empower. It can bring change on levels both intimate and epic. And it’s at its best as a communal viewing experience, with the best possible sound and projection. As a non-profit cultural institution, Milwaukee Film’s mission is to communicate all of this to the city that we love, in a way that is both true and unique to Milwaukee.

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The 7th Annual Milwaukee Film Festival will be held September 24-October 8, 2015.

About the Milwaukee Film Board of Directors

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