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Milwaukee County Residents Finally Heard

Supervisor to Introduce Resolution Moving Board to Evening Meetings

By - Apr 2nd, 2014 09:58 am

Milwaukee County Supervisor Deanna Alexander issued a statement following the passage of the County Board salary referendum:

“While  some municipalities offered referendums in the past and I held in-district listening sessions as soon as Act 14 was proposed, I am glad that the people of Milwaukee County as a whole finally had an opportunity for their voices to be heard.

This is what democracy looks like.

“The State granted us the truest form of local control in a binding referendum and we had nearly a year to educate the public about its implications. The people have now spoken: they want a leaner, better, focused and more efficient County government.

“I support and accept that challenge.

“I am pleased to announce that I will be proposing a plan to reassess the County Board’s committee structure and to convert to an evening meeting schedule.

“I am honored to work on the County Board and I look forward to continue pushing our government toward more efficient, responsible choices, so that we have the Milwaukee County government the public deserves.”

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